Health detects 106 outbreaks in the last week

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government notify this week 106 new outbreaks with 535 cases. These new shoots are distributed by islands as follows: 56 in Tenerife, 34 in Gran Canaria, seven in Fuerteventura, five in Lanzarote, two in La Palma and two in La Gomera. These new outbreaks represent an increase of seven compared to those reported last week.

By area in which they have occurred, 30 are social, 28 family, 26 work, 17 educational, three in socially vulnerable groups, one sports and one health.

This week, most of the outbreaks range between three and eight cases, except for eight that exceed the figure of 10 infected people, the most numerous being one of work origin, with social and family ramification, with 20 affected reported among a group of firefighters of Tenerife.

Of the three outbreaks registered in socially vulnerable groups, two of them reported among people arriving in the Canary Islands in patera or cayucos have been registered in Fuerteventura and one in La Gomera.

Family outbreaks, all reported among families from different homes, range between three and six associated cases, except for one in Gran Canaria with nine positives.

Social outbreaks have between three and six associated cases, except for two with family branches, registered in Tenerife and Fuerteventura, both with 12 infected people.

Labor outbreaks also have between three and six associated cases, except for two registered in Gran Canaria, one that has 13 affected people notified on a ship and another with eleven affected, with family branches and linked to tourist accommodation activity.

The 17 educational outbreaks, all with family branches, eleven have been registered in Tenerife (thirteen, eleven, eight, six, six, five, five, four, four, four and three affected), two in Gran Canaria (with eight and three cases), two in Fuerteventura (with seven and three cases), one in La Palma (seven cases), and one in La Gomera (three cases).

The health outbreak, with family ramifications, has been reported in Hospital Doctor José Molina Orosa, in Lanzarote, with 18 affected, of which 10 are patients and three workers.

Ancient shoots

26 old outbreaks are also being monitored, among which, as one of the most numerous, the health with a family branch registered at the San Roque Meloneras Hospital, which already has 46 affected, stands out, one social / family linked to a party Halloween in Tenerife with 17 cases and another of work / family origin in Gran Canaria with 17 affected.


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