Health denounces to the Prosecutor's Office the sale of false remedies for autism | Society

Health denounces to the Prosecutor's Office the sale of false remedies for autism | Society

The Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, announced this morning that her department was going to file a complaint with the Prosecutor's Office today to act against those who sell a false remedy against autism. Carcedo refers to MMS, a product that is used industrially as a bleach (it is a hypochlorite, the same type of molecule as bleach). The minister explained that she acts after receiving more than 136,000 signatures collected by the Committee for the Promotion and Support of Autistic Women. The consultation is based on the fact that in 2010 the Spanish Medicines Agency banned its use to verify its potential risk to health, so Health asks to investigate those who continue to advertise for a possible crime against public health.

The MMS, miraculous mineral solution, "is nothing more than a diluted bleach, an industrial bleach and disinfectant", explains Emilio Molina, of the Association to Protect the Sick of Pseudoscientific Therapies (APETP). "It has been spreading for several decades, it started in the United States and its promoter, Jim Humble, even set up a sect to promote it," he says. "Apart from the fact that it has not shown any efficacy, it has serious risks of gastrointestinal problems, ulcers … Some patients believe that they are expelling parasites, and they are remnants of the intestines that corrode. adverse effects to the bleach, "he adds.

In Spain, the biggest promoter of this and other pseudotherapies is Josep Pàmies, very popular in Catalonia. "Perhaps by distance in Madrid has come less," says a spokeswoman for Autism Madrid. In fact, the Catalan Government has opened two disciplinary proceedings for advertising this product on its website and in a pseudoscientific conference. "He is able to say in the same sentence that AIDS does not exist and that he sells you the cure," Molina criticizes.

The first sanctioning file was launched after the Generalitat verified that the alleged bonanzas of MMS were advertised on the Pàmies website. According to this well-known pseudoscientific discloser, this compound would cure autism, Ebola and malaria. The second sanctioning procedure was processed last weekend when the Government verified that Pàmies had ignored his warnings and had gone ahead with a pseudoscientific conference -even broadcast it through his social networks- in which he pointed out that the Autism is curable with the intake of MMS. The Generalitat had sent him an injunction to warn him that he could not promote an illegal drug – as the law on medicines and medical devices does – and urged him to avoid talking about this compound in his lecture. Pàmies said, at first, that he would suspend the congress but finally went ahead with the act and defended the use of MMS to treat autism.

The president of the committee of autistic women who has promoted the protest, Carmen Molina, says that they have suffered all kinds of attacks, by those who defend the product and its promoters, from throwing the web to insulting calls at home. "They act like a sect," he says. Molina says they decided to act because lately Pàmies was acting "very bare-faced." "It was time for the authorities to take action," he says.

By telephone, Pàmies says that he is "delighted" that the health ministry denounces him, informs Javier Portillo "It will be a pleasure to go to court. I was waiting for him, "he says, adding that he wants the minister, Maria Luisa Carcedo, to prove to the judge that the chlorite is bleach. "Let's see if he has noses," he sentences.


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