Health confirms that Spain has "cornered the virus unlike the European environment"

A year and eight months after the coronavirus locked up all of Spain in their homes, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that the conditions are in place to affirm that the virus "is cornered." It has not disappeared, as all the experts had advanced for a long time, but the situation is "apparently stabilized", as confirmed by the head of the department, Carolina Darias, in a press conference after the Interterritorial Health Council.

Darias has commented on the slight increases in the incidence in the last week, but has clarified that the rate of rise, located at 7%, is "minimal". "We maintain a stable situation in all indicators, differentiated from the rest of the European environment", he assured after the telematic meeting with the regional health advisers, with whom he has approached the financing of plasmapheresis treatments, the continuous training of the professionals of the National Health System and the distribution of 220 million European funds for Health Digital.

So the coronavirus can already be considered an endemic disease, not an epidemic? "It will be up to the World Health Organization to do so," replied Darias, calling for "not to lower our guard" and to continue with the "culture of care." The cumulative incidence stands at 49 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

The minister has made a new appeal to people who have not yet been vaccinated - some four million who have escaped the ordinary campaign - and recalled that "vaccines protect and save lives." In fact, he stressed, the different situation in Spain with respect to Europe is due to the success of the process in Spain.


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