July 12, 2020

Health checks begin on all passengers arriving in Spain

All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea from this Wednesday must undergo a health check before entering the country, which may include taking a temperature, a documentary check and a visual check on the passenger’s condition.

The temperature will be routinely controlled by non-contact thermometers or by thermal imaging cameras to identify travelers with fever equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius, according to a resolution of the General Directorate of Public Health published by the Official State Gazette (BOE) .

In consensus with the European Union, Spain has reopened its borders to Australia, Algeria, Canada, South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay on Wednesday.

In accordance with the provision published by the BOE, which indicates the sanitary controls that must be carried out at the entry points of Spain, personal data and images captured by thermal imaging cameras will not be stored, and passenger privacy must be guaranteed at all times.

The shipping companies, under the supervision of Foreign Health, will be able to take the temperature of the passengers on an international trip before their arrival in the Spanish port.

Regarding documentary control, all passengers originating from any airport or port located outside Spanish territory, must fill out a public health form.

The form will be completed electronically, in such a way that all people who are going to travel to Spain must do so before starting their trip through the internet address: www.spth.gob.es or through the free application SPAIN TRAVEL HEALTH-SpTH.

Once the form is completed, the passenger will obtain a QR code, which must be presented upon arrival in Spain.

Travel agencies, tour operators, airlines or maritime companies and any other agent that markets tickets either in isolation or as part of a combined trip must inform passengers, at the beginning of the ticket sales process to Spain , of the obligation to present the public health form at the airport or port of destination.

Likewise, it will be notified in the registration or check-in process of the obligation to present the public health form upon arrival in Spain.

Once air or sea transport companies in Spanish air or sea space, they will inform passengers before arriving at their destination of the obligation to present the public health form on arrival, and must provide the form to passengers who have not been able to complete it electronically.

A transitional period is established, until July 31, 2020, in which international passengers who have not been able to complete the public health form electronically may present it upon arrival in Spain in paper format.

Passengers with a temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius or those who, based on the information contained in the public health form, or after visual control, are suspected of having COVID-19 or another communicable pathology, will be subjected to a new health assessment, in order to determine if there is a suspicion of a risk to public health.

This secondary control will include a new taking of the temperature and an evaluation of its clinical and epidemiological status and, if the suspicion that the passenger could suffer a pathology that could pose a risk to public health is confirmed, the alert protocols will be activated sanitary.

In coordination with the health authorities of the autonomous communities, the passenger will be referred to a health center.


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