Health calls an Interterritorial Council on December 21 to deal with waiting lists

Health calls an Interterritorial Council on December 21 to deal with waiting lists

The Minister of Health, Mónica García, has called for an ordinary in-person plenary session of the Interterritorial Council in Asturias on December 21, in which the problem of waiting lists and pending transfers of more than 200 million euros in this matter will be addressed. rare diseases, genomics and digitalization.

"We will put an end to other pending transfers of more than 200 million euros in the area of ​​rare diseases, genomics and digitalization," the minister told the councilors during the plenary session. She has also opted to debate, on that date, "the issue that most concerns citizens," which is "the length of waiting lists to see a specialist, for surgery or a diagnostic test."

"Waiting lists make people desperate and it will be a priority task of this Ministry to work consensually with the autonomous communities to alleviate this problem," the minister said in a video statement.

Days before, the December 18, a plenary session of the Human Resources commission of the Interterritorial Council will take placeto analyze the lack of professionals that affects Primary Care, with a view to its future resolution.

This call comes after the claim of the Health Ministers of the autonomous communities governed by the Popular Party, last Tuesday. In a joint statementthey asked Minister García for an "urgent meeting" of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health Service (CISNS) to address the "lack of doctors" in Primary Care as the only item on the agenda.

After the first extraordinary meeting of CISNS was held this Thursday, PP councilors such as that of Castilla y León, Alejandro Vazquez, have shown their "absolute disappointment" because "one of the serious current problems of the sector such as the lack of specialist doctors" has not been addressed.

For his part, the Minister of Health of the Valencian Community, Marciano Gomez, has requested the new Minister of Health, Mónica García, for a meeting of the CISNS to exclusively address "the main problem currently facing public health, which is the serious deficit of health professionals." "This is a critical situation at the State level, since the lack of personnel manifests itself in identical circumstances in all regional health services," Gómez noted in her intervention.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Junta de Andalucía, Catalina García, considered "unheard of" that Pedro Sánchez's sixth Minister of Health, just as her predecessors did,"refuse to face" the shortage of doctors that exists at the national level, which is even more pressing in Primary Care. "The health systems of the autonomous communities are stressed due to the lack of doctors. It is necessary that, urgently, an Interterritorial Council be convened to address this issue," he added after participating in the CISNS.