October 30, 2020

Health brings to 29 the number of intoxicated in the restaurant Riff | Society

Health brings to 29 the number of intoxicated in the restaurant Riff | Society

The restaurant Riff, of Valencia, remains closed until the origin of the outbreak of food intoxication is clarified. On video, several experts talk about morel mushrooms.

Increase the number of cases. The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat Valenciana has raised this Thursday to 29 the number of customers of the restaurant Riff of Valencia that have presented symptoms of food poisoning, a figure that includes the woman, 46 years old, who died early Sunday hours after having eaten in this haute cuisine establishment.

The Department of Health investigates the origin of the outbreak of toxiinfection for days and one of the measures that has been adopted is to interview and later perform tests to customers who ate at the restaurant the previous days to the death of one of the diners. The inspectors have contacted 75 people so far.

All of them present the antecedent of having made a meal in the restaurant between February 13 and 16, explains the counseling, and the symptomatology of all cases, except the deceased, has been very mild, mainly vomiting and with good evolution .

The inspectors made an inspection visit to the establishment where the food took place on February 18 to study the conditions of the food and did not detect deficiencies related to food poisoning.

Health agents have collected samples of some raw materials and foods that were part of the tasting menu and has been managed with the Institute of Legal Medicine to refer the food samples to the National Institute of Toxicology for analysis. The Court of Instruction Number 1 of Valencia investigates the death. The Minister of Health Valencia, Ana Barceló, has urged "be prudent and wait for the conclusion of the tests."


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