Health bought 6 million units of material against covid that are useless

Health bought 6 million units of material against covid that are useless

Emergency file image of the Insular Hospital. / Juan Carlos Alonso

Case Masks

The Audience of Accounts reproaches that the SCS bought material without the minimum quality required

Francisco Jose Fajardo

The draft report prepared by the
Hearing of Accounts that warned of possible accounting irregularities committed by the Ministry of Health in the so-called mask case
-investigated by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office-also echoed a 'stock' of medical material acquired for the fight against Covid that has a value of 2.1 million euros and that is
blocked for not meeting the "minimum quality requirements"exposes the document.

According to himself and
exclusively unveiled CANARIAS7, this material is stored in the hospital of Our Lady of La Candelaria. Specific,
it is about 6,617,895 units of Covid-19 products that the prevention services of that hospital considered that they did not meet the minimum quality requirements to be used. Of these, the report highlights a
nitrile gloves game powder-free ambidextrous in sizes medium and large and one in
FFP2 masks rubber without adjustable valve non-latex disposable, some products
over a million units and that they are useless.

For the external control body, this item of medical material acquired, "either free of charge or
in an onerous manner and that is blocked», is a consequence of the «absence of verification» of the companies awarded the contracts for the purchase of merchandise by the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) during the state of alarm.

Health did not want to report the material purchased and discarded as unusable in the Insular and Materno

little supervisory stance of the Administration was not "incompatible", in the opinion of the Court of Auditors, "with the exceptional conditions" that presided over the emergency processing and
increased the risk that the products purchased» did not meet the minimum requirements and could «meet the purpose that is intended to be achieved» with their acquisition.

Such circumstances led to
part of the sanitary material received, according to the reports made by the prevention services,
"not considered fit to meet the objective of solving the problems caused by the pandemic”, highlights this preliminary report.

The Insular-Maternal did not report

In the same way, the Hearing of Accounts required information about the possible material that has
Blocked the Maternal and Child Insular University Hospital Complex (Chuimi) for useless, but
They did not provide these data. All this despite having requested their referral, both to the head of contracting and to the management director of the aforementioned complex, in addition to the General Directorate of Economic Resources of the Canary Health Service. East
administrative silence prevented the auditor from "carrying out the pertinent analyzes and has made it impossible to carry out the
timely verifications and issue a pronouncement about it," they state.

It must be remembered that in this
case Masks The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor investigates a
alleged fraud committed by the company RR7 United SL to the Administration for the
unsuccessful sale of a shipment worth four million euros. The Public Ministry is also working to find out if the
SCS allegedly committed the crimes of prevarication and embezzlement of public funds in this contract processed by the emergency route to a company dedicated to the automobile sector.

Without being from the health field or being registered in the Rolece

On the other hand, in order to check whether the most important companies in terms of invoicing with the SCS had "capacity to act" and enjoyed "economic, financial and technical solvency", the Audiencia de Cuentas verified that the majority did not adjust to these minimum required parameters. Regarding the first of the requirements, that is, if their corporate purpose included their own services within the health field, it turned out that six of the awardees of urgent contracts did not meet that premise. With regard to whether such merchants were registered in the Official Registry of Bidders and Classified Companies (Rolece), five of them had not accredited that procedure.

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