Health assures Little Brave that it will zealously monitor the Maternal tender

Detail of the facade of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Gran Canaria. / COVER

Blas Trujillo announced that a specific team will monitor the work that will be put out to tender again this month after an error in the tender

Carmen Delia Aranda

The Ministry of Health will create a specific team that will be in charge of monitoring the processing and execution of the
expansion and remodeling of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Gran Canariaas announced yesterday by the head of the department, Blas Trujillo, to the president of the
Little Brave Foundation of Children with Cancer, José Jerez, to whom he explained the current situation of the project.

With the creation of this team, it is intended to avoid that the administrative procedure prior to the construction of the work
suffer a delaysuch as the one that occurred on August 3, when the Ministry withdrew from the tender for the award of the work when an error was detected in the specifications.

In addition, Trujillo stressed that this measure has been adopted because the construction of
the children's tower is of “paramount importance for all citizens and, in particular, for those of the province of Las Palmas».

At the meeting, the councilor explained to Jerez that the best option to accelerate the construction of this health infrastructure that would alleviate the lack of space and the serious deterioration that the pediatric and neonatal hospitalization area presents is «
restart the bidding process to avoid legal uncertainty.

In this sense, Trujillo
ruled out the possibility of declaring the emergency of the work of the hospital, the only one in the Canary Islands with four patients per room. "He told us that
tendering it urgently could cause more problems due to the possibility of being challenged again”, explained José Jerez, who was informed that the work, budgeted at 43 million euros, plans to be put out to tender this month and awarded in December.

The children's tower project, whose award was initially scheduled for the first half of this year, will have a
36 month lead timeso it will not be built until at least 2026.

In the meeting held yesterday, the representative of the families of children with cancer in the Canary Islands formulated their demands, such as the extension of the pediatric age to 18 years and compliance with the European Charter for Hospitalized Children, and expressed his bewilderment at not having been informed of the suspension of the competition for a project in which Pequeno Valiente has been very involved. "The counselor told us that
he understood our malaisery that he should have informed before," Jerez said about the
lack of transparency of the Government of the Canary Islands regarding the procedures to expand the oldest and most obsolete health infrastructure in the archipelago, which dates back 40 years.

According to Jerez, Trujillo said that his department will make an effort so that the children's tower is done "as soon as possible."

In any case, the Little Brave representative stated
since the foundation will continue to carry out actions to pressure to the Canarian health officials "until the children's tower is a reality".

While this is happening, the new Gran Canarians who arrive in the world will have to do so in decadent and deteriorated facilities, with cribs from 30 years ago and in small rooms shared with other women who have just given birth.

Sick children treated at the Insular Maternal Hospital will also continue to be admitted to decrepit facilities, with four patients per room, with little space for their companions, in units designed for children up to seven years of age when, currently, They welcome teenagers up to 15 years old.

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