October 29, 2020

Health assumes the commitment to increase places for Nurse Specialists and Assistant Physicians – La Provincia

The director of the Canary Health Service (SCS), Blanca Méndez, accompanied by the director General of Human Resources, Francisco Artiles, chaired this morning a meeting of the Sectorial Table of Health, continuation of the one that had to be postponed on January 31. At the meeting it was agreed to increase the places of the ongoing calls of Area Specialist Physicians (FEAS) and Nursing Assistants, using part of the places corresponding to the 2019 Public Employment Offer.

Among other categories, the 2019 Offer included 106 seats of FEAS and 50 of Nursing assistant (whose calls for selective process and transfer contest were published last November), which will be added to those currently called after the agreement reached on the day from today. These processes have meant the call of 997 places in the case of FEAS, distributed in 44 medical specialties, and 1,501 places of Nursing Assistants.

In relation to the rest of the places offered in the OPE 2019, its accumulation is intended for the calls for selective process to be published in 2020. The bases of the selective process and competition of transfers of the OPEs accumulated from 2017 to 2019, of the categories of Group A1 and A2 Healthcare: Admission Doctor and Clinical Documentation (7 places), Family Doctor (507 places), Hospital Emergency Physician (69 places), Pediatric Dentist (11 places), Pediatrician Primary Care Team (144 seats), Public Health Technician, Speech Therapist (6 seats) and Occupational Therapist (5 seats).

This proposal from the Canary Health Service was accepted by the CCOO and UGT unions, in a negotiation day in which both administration and unions exhibited their firm will to reach agreements. In this way, the SCS was willing to study several of the proposals made by those trade union organizations that submitted objections to those bases, with the parties placing a new call of the Sectorial Board next week.

During the table, the CHealth Department assumed the commitment to present to the Government the structural templates of the Canary Islands Health Service, in order to request the credits that were necessary for the consolidation of the templates. In addition, the director of the SCS Blanca Méndez stressed that the current OPE “is not going to be suspended”, announcing that the FEAS convocation exam will not be held before November of this year and promising to give the approximate date of celebration next week of the different exams of the rest of the current calls.

For his part, the director of Human Resources of the SCS, Francisco Artiles, valued “the commitment of transparency” assumed by the current team of the Ministry, influencing the objective of the stabilization of a staff “that is not an expense but a capital and to which we must be faithful to give an answer to our central axis, which is the patient “, so that” no specialist or worker should leave our system “under the premise of” retaining talent “.

After an intense Sectorial Table that lasted for almost six hours, the parties set out to a new call that will take place next week, with the aim of continuing to advance within a policy of predisposition to understanding that has an impact on the benefit of professionals and users of the Canary Health Service.

The public employment offers accumulated from previous years represent 7,198 places distributed in 107 categories / specialties, whose selective processes and transfer competitions have begun to be convened in the course of 2019. To these offers from 2016 to 2018 the offer is added Public employment of 2019, just published last December 31, which offers 633 more places, which will mean the consolidation of the employment of 7,831 professionals.


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