Health asks the TSJC to extend the covid certificate due to the increase in cases

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government has requested the Superior Court of Justice of the autonomous community (TSJC) the ratification of the extension of the use of the covid certificate mandatory for levels 3 and 4, whose validity prescribes on January 24, due to the increase in cases.

As reported on Wednesday by the Ministry in a statement, if this extension is approved by the TSJC, would be in force until 24 hours on February 24, 2022 and the possibility of requesting a new extension would be studied depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation.

Health remembers that the mandatory use of covid certificate for certain establishments and activities, it entered into force on December 25 and has an initial validity of one month, a period during which it has been subject to monitoring and evaluation, after which it has been decided to request this extension given the evolution of the epidemiological situation in the archipelago.

This request is made after analyzing the report prepared by the General Directorate of Public Health of the Canary Health Service which reviews the situation in which each island is and the archipelago as a whole, both from the epidemiological point of view and from the healthcare aspect.

This report includes the upward trend with no signs of remission in the short term of the epidemiological situation in the Canary Islands, since the transmission of covid-19 has entered a phase of persistent and progressive transmission, with a very significant penetration of the omicron variant in recently diagnosed cases.

Currently, the certificate is mandatory for establishments and activities subject to time and capacity limits in the islands in levels 3 and 4 and does not allow them to benefit from applying lower level measures.

The objective is to establish exceptional measures to control the health situation of people who access certain establishments, facilities or activities considered to be of risk for transmission and thus slow its spread.


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