Health announces that there will be a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine for the entire population

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, announced this Thursday that there will be a fourth dose of the COVID vaccine “for the entire population”. In January 2022, the third generalized dose was given the go-ahead.

Darias has advanced this measure in La Sexta, although he has been unable to specify the date from which this fourth puncture would be applied to all population groups (until now this plan had been confirmed for the elderly). In this sense, he has said "there will be a fourth dose for the entire population, this is how the public health commission has decided, it remains to be decided when."

The minister added that "a date that is being considered as possible is around autumn, we are waiting for the arrival of new vaccines adapted to variants by that date, as is in the contracts we have signed with pharmaceutical companies."

Last January, the Public Health Commission endorsed the fourth injection to the population considered "very high risk" in the vaccination strategy (immunocompromised, transplanted, cancer patients, with HIV...) five months after their last vaccine . This reinforcement was intended only for these patients, who make up the so-called group 7, not the general population.

Two months later, in April, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) considered that, at that time, it was premature to speak of a fourth dose for everyone. The EMA together with the European Center for Disease Control they did endorse the new booster dose for those over 80 years of age, although they reported that they were still attentive to new evidence on whether it increased the risk of serious illness in those already vaccinated.

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