Health announces that it will implement the COVID digital certificate in June to "facilitate mobility"

The spokesmen for the Ministry of Health have explained the details of the "green digital certificate" being finalized by the European Union, and have expressed that the intention is for it to be ready for use in June. In this way "it will function fully during the summer campaign," Alfredo González, Secretary General of Digital Health, has communicated. The document, which "is not a passport", he stressed, because it will not be requested to travel and it will not prevent citizens who do not have it from doing so, it will "facilitate mobility" between European countries in three cases: if it is accredited vaccination if you have a negative PCR test; if you have the certificate of a positive for past COVID-19, having overcome the disease. Spain has "the capacity to issue millions in a very short time, electronic and on paper," González said at a press conference with Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health. The mechanism will be coordinated by the Ministry itself.

Questions and answers about the EU vaccination certificate for travel: how it works and what it is for

Questions and answers about the EU vaccination certificate for travel: how it works and what it is for

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The governments of the EU yesterday they opened the door to countries without a vaccination certificate in the middle of summer, but it will not be the case of Spain according to the commitment of Health. González said that "it is expected to extend the model to third countries outside the European Union, in coherence with similar projects." It is designed to "not be discriminatory," said González, because "it will not be a requirement to travel." "When we get to the moment of implantation, a very important part will be vaccinated and will have access to it," he continued. In the case of those who do not, they will have other options, that is: to have a PCR, and have a negative result, in the countries in which they are asked to enter.

In practice, "a traveler who accredits a certificate in Spain will not have to submit to the criteria, requirements and restrictions established by Spain. He does not have to undergo a quarantine or a test at the airport. He will show his certificate, will be validated, the receiving state will verify that it has been issued by a member state, eliminating any risk of fraud or falsification, and, therefore, will facilitate the mobility of citizens of the European Union in complete safety, because it has reliable proof that this person is not infected with COVID-19 ", has developed González. In other words, if a tourist has a green certificate, they will not be asked to quarantine in Spain.

The information for which the digital certificate will be updated will be obtained from three databases. One, the national vaccination registry; two, the system of diagnostic laboratory tests called SERLAB; three, Spain Travel Health, the mobile application that is already used to fill out a questionnaire before reaching your destination. The document will work with a QR code. It foresees the possibility that vaccination with unauthorized doses will be recognized in the European Union, but it leaves it up to the member states to decide whether to allow it. "Compliance with European data protection regulations is guaranteed," González stressed. The certificates will only include a limited set of information, the European Union reported a month ago. For verification purposes, only the validity and authenticity of the certificate will be checked, checking who issued and signed it. All health data remains in the Member State that issued a Digital Green Certificate, they say.

The digital certificate is now under negotiation in the European Parliament. But the 27 member states have agreed to a common position on the draft regulation, "and this is an important step in the processing process."


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