Health and the communities agree to recommend the closure of the interior of bars in places of high incidence

The Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities have agreed this Friday to recommend that the interior of bars be closed in places with a high incidence of COVID-19. The Public Health Commission of the Interterritorial Council has approved the document prepared by the technicians alreadyfronted by which calls for the suspension of the service within the hotel and catering establishments in areas with a cumulative incidence in 14 days above 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The committee meeting, in which the Ministry and the regional directors of Public Health are represented, comes after the first filter of the Health Alerts Report. The so-called update health traffic light includes the review of capacity of bars and restaurants. When an alert level III or IV is reached, that is, above those 150 incidents, the document establishes that the interior of the premises be closed. At level I the reduction in capacity is estimated at 50% and at level II at one third.

For terraces, the traffic light leaves level I unrestricted, places them at 75% of the capacity for levels II and III and at 50% for levels IV. "These are recommendations," they insist on the Ministry of Health. However, this action plan is expected to go through a plenary session of the Interterritorial Health Council, with Minister Carolina Darias and the regional councilors, for final approval.

To establish alert levels, the document actually adds other epidemiological indicators to the 14-day incidence indicators: cumulative incidence at 7 days, incidence among people over 65, positivity and percentage of cases traced. And it crosses them with two health care: hospital occupation in conventional beds and in ICU. With this formula, the level of alert in which each area is analyzed is obtained, even if the incidence data is the most striking. "It is important to emphasize that no single indicator is capable of giving a complete vision of the epidemiological situation," the technicians recall in the text. And the measures according to the level can be applied to an autonomous community, province, island, municipality, department, health area, basic health area or equivalent


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