April 15, 2021

Health and the communities agree to prohibit mobility during Holy Week

The Public Health Commission, in which all the Autonomous Communities and the Ministry of Health are represented, has agreed this Thursday to close the perimeter of all regions during Holy Week as a preventive measure against the expansion of COVID-19, and the curfew during those days from 22:00 to 6:00. Minister Carolina Darias yesterday entrusted this body with the preparation of a plan for these festivities, which must be ratified at the next Interterritorial Council, next Wednesday. He already announced that there was “enough consensus” to choose this route, although the Madrid government had publicly expressed its disagreement.

Holy Week falls this year on April 1 (Thursday) and April 2 (Friday). The document agreed upon by the Commission includes as a recommendation expressly advising against holding social gatherings at homes or in other closed spaces with non-partners during those dates. Also that “massive events that involve crowding or concentration will not be held.” The events in closed spaces “will follow the rules of capacity and other established measures, according to the alert level of each autonomous community.” In addition, the meetings should be a maximum of 4 people outside and inside.

In the text sent by Health there is no express recommendation for university students. The Commission also proposes as “pertinent” to prepare an institutional campaign to avoid the relaxation of behaviors under the slogan “We do not save weeks, we save lives”, also taking into account the so-called “pandemic fatigue” after a year of restrictive measures.

All the communities, except Madrid, had already expressed their intention to maintain the perimeter closures during Holy Week. This seeks to correct the mistake of Christmas, when meetings and mobility were allowed and that led to a third wave of COVID-19. Experts advise it. Ildefonso Hernández, spokesperson for the Spanish Public Health Society (SESPAS), told this newspaper that “with incidence rates above 100 we cannot reduce too much because we run the risk of rebounding. As a precautionary principle, I would wait until it drops below 50 And if you do relaxation just before a vacation, mobility is encouraged. ”

The Commission has approved a second document, dedicated to nursing homes for the elderly in the framework of vaccination. Nursing home cases have been reduced, since it began to take effect, 95%, but “residents, workers and family members must be informed that, although there is a significantly lower risk of suffering from COVID-19 after vaccination, the risk does not disappear completely since the vaccine does not guarantee total protection to all vaccinated people. ”. Therefore, “compliance with hygiene and prevention measures, such as the use of a mask, hand washing, and safety distance, as well as adequate ventilation, should continue to be guaranteed,” although group activities and use are made more flexible. of common areas.


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