Health advises controlling fat, sweets and alcohol at Christmas – The Province

Health advises controlling fat, sweets and alcohol at Christmas - The Province

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, through the General Directorate of Public Health, recommends that the main contribution of food in these Christmas holidays be of fruits, vegetables and vegetables.

It also advises to prepare food preferably baked to preserve its nutritional value and reduce the fat content of them, continues the press release before remembering that the salads are excellent as a main course, accompaniment or garnish, and as a dessert, better fruit salads than pastries.

The Christmas dates are a time of excess, among which is the food, since the lowering of temperatures invites to increase the calorie intake, alcohol is present in all celebrations and there is a wide assortment of sweets and pastries.

Among the councils, from Health add that the best way to cook potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, zucchini, bubangos, eggplants and onions, among other vegetables, is precisely roasting them in the oven with their skin and, forVitar the loss of nutrients When steaming or cooking steamed vegetables, it is best to prepare them and cook them in large pieces.

Always handle food with the utmost caution, with clean hands; keep the eggs in the refrigerator, discarding those that are out of date, cracked or dirty; consume or cool quickly the cooked foods keeping them protected in the refrigerator or freezer and do not refreeze them once defrosted, continues the note.

The use of vinegar or lemon when preparing sauces, meats or fish decreases the risk of developing some pathogenic microorganisms.

Some limits

It should be limited, as far as possible, the consumption of salt, below 5 grams a day.

The consumption of alcoholic drinks it is discouraged for pregnant women; people who are hypertensive or who are taking medications should consult to avoid possible incompatibilities or contraindications, complete from Public Health before emphasizing that nobody should take it before driving or operating dangerous machinery and that cider has less alcohol content than champagne or champagne.

The solid fats present in butter, margarine, cream, bacon, sausages or industrial bakery should be limited to the minimum and, if there is a tendency to overweight, diabetes or heart disease, avoid the consumption of both these foods and sugary or carbonated drinks and use sweeteners not nutritious (artificial).

Seasonal or traditional products

Nuts, are foods whose edible part has less than 50% water (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios, pine nuts, peanuts). They are characterized by their high energy content, around 6 kilocalories per gram, derived from its high fat content, close to 80%.

Nuts are rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, minerals and vitamin E. Therefore, they constitute a excellent alternative in front of sausages and other Christmas products, especially as appetizers, although the consumption of savory or sugary ones should be avoided.

Fresh fruits, that at this time can be found in almost every type of market in the Canary Islands, in fact, some of them are present almost all year round, like banana, and others are more easily found in this period, such as oranges and tangerines and grapes.

Some very precious and perhaps more exotic fruits, like the sleeves, kiwis, persimmons, etc., provide a wide range to choose from, but it is convenient to keep in mind that the price of some fruits does not imply that they have better nutritional qualities, point out before detailing that oranges, pears, apples, papayas or bananas have equal or better nutritional properties and usually have lower costs.

Nougats and marzipan They are traditional foods, but a moderate consumption is recommended due to its high energy value, which is approximately 470 kcal. per 100 grams, thus favoring overweight. However, together they have a balanced formula: with 10% protein, 24% fat, 58% carbohydrates and about 7% fiber.

Caution with cider, cavas, wines and liquors, since the less alcohol, the better for health, they insist from Health before advising the reduction of the intake of alcohol by inserting a glass of water between the glass and the glass

Decalogue of tips

1-Monitor the size of the portions that are consumed and avoid excesses.

2-Insert in each meal a dish or garnish with vegetables or greens, such as some salad or vegetables (baked or sautéed) accompanying.

3-Offer some fresh appetizer, such as skewers or fruit or vegetable skewers.

4-Prepare desserts in which there are fruit or nuts, although they are accompanied by small portions of cream or ice cream (sorbets of natural fruit, fruit salad or homemade compotes).

5-Control the excesses with alcoholic beverages and do not drive if you have drunk. Avoid sugary drinks.

6-Schedule a certain degree of daily physical activity: go for a walk, walk a little each day or make a table of exercises at home.

7-Schedule also what will be the meals with some "extra" (such as Christmas, Christmas Eve and New Year) and try to maintain balance and healthy eating the rest of the days, avoid snacking and sweets outside these meals.

8-In addition, it is important to remember that all foods that stay at home after the holidays (such as nougat, polvorones, etc.) will end up eating. For this reason, it is so important to control the quantities when the purchases are made, to take note of the excesses of other years and to take into account this forecast for the next one.

9-Avoid smoking or inhaling the smoke of other smokers.

10-Take care of your mouth and make a good toothbrush after every meal.

Christmas cards

On the other hand, the Insular-Maternal and Child University Hospital Complex, center attached to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, held on Thursday the awards ceremony of the Christmas card contest.

During the meeting, the center's managing director, Víctor Naranjo, recognized with a prize and a gift the work of four children (Juan Nabil Moujahad, James McCarthy, Martín Villamor and Cristhian de la Caridad), which will serve as Christmas cards of the sanitary complex.


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