April 11, 2021

Health administers 151,478 doses of the three available vaccines in the Canary Islands

A health worker is vaccinated at the Doctor Juan Negrín University Hospital of Gran Canaria.

A health worker is vaccinated at the Doctor Juan Negrín University Hospital of Gran Canaria.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands continues to advance in its vaccination plan and as of yesterday, Monday, March 1, it had already administered 151,478 doses of the three available vaccines in the European Union at this time, representing 74.59 percent of the total 203,080 doses received to date.

In addition, the immunization of 54,494 people in the Canary Islands having received two doses of the vaccine, which represents 4.04 percent of the target population. By groups, in group 1, 98.39% percent already have the complete vaccination schedule, while in Group 2 the percentage reaches 86.59 and in Group 3 it is 3.37 percent.

We have to say that the rejection of vaccination is practically non-existent in the Canary Islands and we preliminarily estimate it between 0.5 and one percent in the current vaccination groups.

By groups

The Canary Islands continue with the vaccination campaign and has ended one hundred percent vaccination coverage for Group 1 (residents and workers of senior centers); Group 2 (SCS professionals) already registers 38,934 professionals with a complete vaccination schedule.

This week we have continued with Group 4 (large dependents and their caregivers) with the complexity that this group supposes since the vials (the bottle where the doses are, in the case of Pfizer they are 6 doses per vial) have to be consumed in 6 hours and the dose must be withdrawn at the moment. They go home on carefully planned vaccination routes to avoid missing doses. This group exceeds 25,000 people in the Canary Islands and coverage of 45.07 percent of it has already been achieved.

People over 80 years of age have also been cited in health centers in the Basic Health Zones (group 5) and 8.36 percent coverage of this group has been achieved (which is about 90,000 people in total , to which we must subtract those included in groups 1 and 4). Likewise, in some islands the vaccination of older people in the age group between 70-80 years has already begun.

Until this Monday, the Canary Islands Health Service had received 151,680 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, of which 132,904 have already been administered. With the remaining 18,776, the administration of the second doses to SCS personnel and vaccination to large dependents and day center users will continue.

Regarding the Moderna vaccine, the Canary Islands have received a total of 14,300 doses and administered 6,857 and with the remaining 7,443, the vaccination of first and second line health personnel from private and concerted health centers will continue. In this sense, the Ministry of Health recalls that the vaccination groups and their order is a mandate of the Ministry of Health itself and that it is agreed in the technical commissions and is taken to the Inter-territorial Commission of the National Health System chaired by Minister Carolina Darias.

To date, the Canary Islands have received 37,100 doses of the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which is not recommended for people over 55 years of age. Of these, 11,717 have already been administered to home care workers, staff at juvenile centers and second-line health workers such as physiotherapists, pharmacists, pharmacy office staff and dentists.


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