Head of the Ertzaintza does not see the deployment of the Army in Euskadi "in the current situation"

The head of the Ertzaintza, Josu Bujanda, has stated that, "in the current situation", he does not see the deployment of the army in the Basque Country as necessary, although he has maintained that all this will depend on the "behavior of the citizenry and its responsibility at the time to comply with the alarm state.

In statements to Radio Euskadi, collected by Europa Press, Bujanda also valued the "responsible behavior" displayed by the Basques this Sunday, on the first day of confinement, and stressed that the Ertzaintza carried out only "pedagogical and informative tasks", without imposing sanctions.

As he explained, those who did not comply with the rules were "notified directly or by public address regarding what they had to do" and this Monday the same dynamic will be maintained, "transferring the information in a pedagogical way."

"There were some people who did not comply with the state of alarm but this morning we have not had any incidence of this type and no fines have been imposed," he added.

On the other hand, he recalled that the "surveillance tasks" correspond to all the Police at the same time, which is why the Ertzaintza has been coordinating with the local Police for days and distributing the tasks so that "the procedures are homogeneous."


Likewise, it has affected that the Ertzaintza is "coordinated with the Corps and State Security Forces" in such a way that "the services are distributed in a coordinated manner".

Questioned as to whether a deployment of the Army in the Basque Country would be necessary, as is already happening in other Autonomous Communities, the head of the Ertzaintza has stated that "in the current situation, of course not."

"We do not know how this is going to evolve and, therefore, everything will depend on the behavior of citizens and we are responsible with the rules. If citizens behave properly, the problem is minimized and the Ertzaintza has the capacity to respond," he defended. .

Finally, and questioned as to whether a neighbor can be denounced who bypasses the limitations imposed by the royal decree of the central government, Bujanda has recognized that "it can and even should be" so that the police officers "will somehow make them is fulfilled. " "If someone observes a flagrant infraction, call the Police and we will go to that space," he added.


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