June 24, 2021

Head of pharmacy at Puerta de Hierro: “Our work is essential”

“It is true that we are less known, it is understandable, but our work is being fundamental,” says the head of the Pharmacy service at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda, Amelia Sánchez, who is in charge of ensuring that “patients do not lack medication and manage safely. “

In addition to administering the relevant medication to all hospital patients, the Puerta de Hierro pharmacy prepares medication kits for the medicalized hotels in the area and for the residences, material that is then delivered by a delivery man.

The Puerta de Hierro Emergencies, a hospital that has opened its doors to Efe to publicize its work, have prevented more than 700 admissions of patients with coronavirus by monitoring calls and video calls to patients.

In these cases, the center’s pharmacy has been in charge of preparing the “medicine kits” so that these patients can follow the treatment from home.

“We have had to reinforce our work and we are facilitating the prescription of medications to doctors to speed up their work. For example, we have prepared oral solutions already dosed from the pharmacy, when before it was the infirmary that had to do it,” says Sánchez.

Because COVID-10 was a “completely new and unknown virus, in the absence of proven treatment, others have been used” for similarity of infection, such as HIV, “he explains.

The Spanish Medicines Agency is in charge of supplying the medications to the hospitals, and according to the head of the Puerta del Hierro Pharmacy, there have been moments of “stress in case the medication did not reach you some days that the agency took to release the batches “.

“There have been moments of tension, but a feeling of support has emerged among all the pharmacy services of other hospitals,” he adds.

This support is evident in a chat created between hospital pharmacies to see “who can lend a component.”

All hospitals are coordinated by the Ministry of Health, which is making “a controlled distribution of ICU medications” based on the occupancy beds of each center.

The control and supply of medication from the Puerta de Hierro has increased considerably. Currently, it has 48 hospital beds on each floor when it was 25 before the crisis. In addition, it started with a COVID plant and now there are eleven.

As for the Intensive Care Unit, there are usually 20-22 beds in the ICU and another 20 in the surgical ICU, a total of 40-44 beds, and in this crisis they have doubled to 80 beds.

In addition, the Puerta de Hierro enabled the archive area with 80 beds for the hospitalization of patients in an intermediate situation, who could avoid entering the ICU but had a complicated situation to be on the ward.


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