he touches his genitals to celebrate victory

He already did it last year when he beat Juventus in the Metropolitano in the first leg of the Champions League

The cameras did not capture it, but a Reuters photographer did. Simeone, confirming the classification of Atlético de Madrid for the quarterfinals of the Champions League eliminating the champion, Liverpool, raised his hands to his genitals. The action went unnoticed and nobody asked about it. But then the photo of his controversial gesture was published, the same one he did last year after winning 2-0 against Juventus in the first leg of the same tie. "It means we have eggs. A lot of eggs. I already did it once when I was a player," Cholo said at the time. Then, on the lap, the Italian team and Cristiano Ronaldo turned the score around, winning in Turin 3- 0. This time Liverpool is completely eliminated after the red and white machado at Anfield.


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