"He took some blank pages to the Senate, told us he was going to send it to us and it still hasn't arrived"

"He took some blank pages to the Senate, told us he was going to send it to us and it still hasn't arrived"

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, assured this Sunday in A Coruña that the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has not yet delivered to the Government the proposals on energy that he promised during the debate in the Senate last Tuesday. “Mr. Feijóo brought a cover with a stack of blank pages. He told us that he was going to send it to the Government, it still hasn't arrived. There has to be someone in Genoa writing in a hurry to fill that wad of blank pages,” Bolaños declared.

Sánchez shakes Feijóo and sows doubts about his solvency

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The socialist minister has assured that "thanks to the horrible weeks" of the leader of the PP, "the Spaniards are beginning to know this lack of rigor, this lack of proposals, lack of will to reach agreements, lack of equipment, and most importantly, lacks the truth”, by Feijóo.

“Is that rigor, Mr. Feijóo?” asked Bolaños. “Because it also allows itself the luxury of criticizing the energy policy of our Government, an energy policy that is that of all European countries, common sense, in line with all the countries around us, such as Italy, France, Germany. ”.

We are beginning to get to know Mr. Feijóo, to know that he lacks rigor, proposals, will, agreements, team and truth.

His proposals are a wad of blank pages. This is Feijóo's rigor when he makes proposals.

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— PSOE (@PSOE) September 11, 2022

Bolaños has added that the PP lives in “the appearance” of having a “solvent and rigorous” leader, but that “every time he takes the floor, we know that neither solvency nor rigor”, in reference to Feijóo. According to the minister, the popular leader "neither reaches agreements nor complies with the agreements that we had already signed with his party."

The PSOE minister has thus referred to the PP's blockade of the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) and the lack of proposals from the popular to unblock it. “They have been blocking it for 4 years and now they are conspiring so that the judges do not comply with the law and appoint two Constitutional magistrates,” Bolaños assured. "That is the contribution of the Popular Party: pure appearance in everything."

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