"He says he doesn't come in so late"

carmen lomana was going to be an interview in 'Deluxe Saturday' on the night of February 12. However, this interview did not take place because the businesswoman got tired of waiting for hours in the guest room, which is why she left the facilities of Mediaset Y he stood up the program.

His entrance to the set was scheduled for the last part of the program, around two in the morning. Despite her late arrival, Carmen arrived at Telecinco at eight in the evening, so he had to wait several hours until he got tired. Once the program had been broadcast for a long time, Lomana decided to leave.

"Carmen Lomana was here and she got angry because says she doesn't come in so late"Jorge Javier explained when announcing the abandonment at the last moment. "It can't be. Carmen calls all the places to work, and she's here and she's gone?" I ask Lydia Lozano. "Man, a person who is going to leave at a quarter past two can't be brought in at half past eight"noted the presenter.

Before the end of the program, the director of the 'Deluxe' wanted to speak to show her disappointment with the contents of the program that they had prepared for that night: "Things haven't turned out the way I wanted"commented to George Xavier when he asked her the reason for her disappointment.

"And what do we do? resilience? Stoicism? And that? Nothing happens. Are you going to be mad about that now? What would Seneca say? Tomorrow we will do another better program, "said the also actor to try to cheer her up.

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