He saved: "We don't give up, I hope the fans are proud"

Catalan forward Miquel Salvó defends Calathes during the first match at the Palau. / . acb photo / v. salty

The Catalan forward highlights the "good game" played in Barcelona and intends to repeat on the island this Sunday (8:00 p.m.) "with a pavilion close to full"

Versatility at the service of the collective. A team player with capital letters. Miquel Salvó put together a great performance against Barça at the Palau Blaugrana to sign an 11-point card -five out of five from two shots- and a PIR of ten in the 14 minutes played in the
93-82 loss in the Parque de la Ciudad Condal, where he began in the training categories.

“We have shown character. We have been training weeks for this moment.
We came with great enthusiasm, I think we played a good game despite the defeat», analyzes Salvó to this newspaper, while adding that «we have one day to watch the video and see the ugly ones we have done, that there are quite a few that we can logically improve, to try to improve our image in the Arena».

From 72-70 in the middle of the last quarter, it went to the final 93-82 in the first pulse in the series of quarters. The Vilanova i la Geltrú player comments that “we knew we were stopping them, but they also play and have read our final zone well.
We have tried to surprise during these 40 minutes, but in the end they have caught us a bit. Let's see what version we can give at home."

Touch appeal to the yellow tide, but
Except has no doubt that Gran Canaria
has a lot to say yet in the quarter-final tie.

That people come to the game, we do not give up, at no time have we done it. Until the last minute we have been pressing to death », she recalls in a mixture of feelings between what was experienced in the Palau and what remains to come in the Siete Palmas venue.

«I already say that we have been training a week and a half for this moment,
I hope that our fans are proud of us and that we can enjoy a great game. To have a full or close to a full would be very nice », she adds.

Illusion and desire

Questioned about the 13-day break after the last game of the regular phase against Real Madrid until the Playoff was uncorked, Salvó stressed that "Barça is very good, they have better players than us logically, but
in illusion and in desire they cannot surpass us».

“From there, if the shots come in or not, they will more or less beat us, but with all the enthusiasm and desire for the world that we have, it is difficult to beat us,” argues the international foreigner.

The Claretian forward, 27 years old and in his first season at the island club, prefers to focus on choral work and does not look at his numbers.

«I never look at myself on a personal level, nor when I score more or less points, it is the game in general, the image of the team and
I am proud when the team competes and has a good image. It's fine », he says about his performance at the Palau Blaugrana.

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