He recorded minors in the bathroom and abused them – The Province

He recorded minors in the bathroom and abused them - The Province

The Provincial Court of Madrid will judge from Monday the former teacher of the school La Salle Our Lady of the Wonders of the capital Pedro Antonio Ramos Lominchar, known as the "Brother Pedro", for fourteen crimes of sexual abuse of minors that he committed between 2013 and 2016.

The teacher, which was at the time of the events coordinator of Early Childhood and Primary Education, faces a fiscal request of 155 years in prison.

The trial will be held from November 5 to the 12th of that month, according to legal sources indicated to Europa Press. The 'brother Pedro' He was a member of a religious congregation.

In addition to the 14 crimes of sexual abuse of minors, the prosecutor imputes four crimes of sexual abuse at older, seven crimes of child pornography and others three in the continuity mode.

The accusation it also includes eight crimes of discovery of secrets of articles 197.1 and 5, as well as article 197.1. The prosecutor also asks that he can not approach his victims within 500 meters, nor can he communicate with them by any means for ten years.

In its written conclusions, the prosecutor indicates that the execution of the penalty may not exceed 20 years in prison. In addition, he asks that when he is released he participates in sex education programs and does not work in areas with children.

To that penalty we must discount the time that the exprofessor has been in prison since he will enter Penitentiary center at the end of September 2016.

On track civil liability, the indictment states that the accused must compensate victims of abuse with amounts ranging between 1,000 and 6,000 euros. Despite the fact that the school appears in the case as a popular accusation, the prosecutor claims that he sits on the bench as a subsidiary civil liability.

In the account of the facts, the prosecutor indicates that the events took place between July 7, 2013 and August 28, 2016, dates in which the defendant elaborated child pornography with the images he had obtained from the minors. In addition, it is indicated that the victims would have been subject to touching by the teacher.

The Prosecutor indicates that from the summer of 2013 on the occasion of a summer camp in the town of Colado Mediano began sexual abuse, which continued in another activity of the center that was held in Valdemorillo. There are also other cases of abuse in other outings organized by the school in Granada and Valencia.

The accused, according to the Public ministry, he touched the genitals to the students in their bedrooms (usually when they slept) and took pictures with his mobile phone.

He installed a hidden camera in the bathroom and used a '' spy '' clock

In addition, he states that during his stay in India in August 2016 during the exercise of a mission of his congregation in the town of Keesara, in which the researcher volunteered, he used a watch with a external viewing and recording system in a "surreptitious" way during several days in which he recorded a minor and an adult when they were naked while they cleaned.

In turn, in the bathroom during his stay at the school, located in Madrid, he installed a hidden camera with which he managed to make several recordings of a minor's penis while urinating.

On the other hand, in the diligences carried out, a hard disk containing images and videos with content of child pornography, in which they appeared snapshots of the genitals of all the victims.

On his computer it was also found that he kept pornographic images, along with others from unidentified third parties, and that in his browsing history he searched for "spy gadgets" and "spy watches". Meanwhile, on his mobile phone it was verified that the ex-teacher had stored in the cloud several images and searches to use cameras.

Also on his Ipad it was found that he consulted pages to obtain information under the following searches: "how to touch someone while he sleeps", "when to touch someone while he sleeps" and "sleep phase in which we do not feel anything", among others.


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