He rapes a woman in Murcia and threatens her, but he will not go to jail

Palace of Justice of Murcia. / NACHO GARCIA / AGM

The man will remain on probation for five years and will have to attend a sex education course

The Provincial Court of the Region of Murcia has sentenced a manager of an agricultural estate in Mula to two years in prison for raping a laborer of Paraguayan origin and threatening to fire her if she confessed to the attack. However, the custodial sentence has been suspended for five years on the condition that during that time she does not commit any crime again and attends a sex education program.

The events occurred in May 2019, when the court, who is currently 67 years old, stayed to see the complainant after the work day. After picking her up in a van, the man took her with libidinous spirits to a remote farm in Yéchar, in the municipality of Mula, ignoring the woman's requests to leave the place, to which he replied "shut up, if you don't want problems with me, do what I ask you».

Once they arrived at the destination, the condemned man grabbed the victim tightly by the arms and forced her into the back of the van, where he penetrated her vaginally and orally without using any protection. As a result of her struggle, the worker suffered numerous minor injuries to various parts of her body.

According to the woman, after completing the act, the sexual aggressor told her "you're a whore, if you met me and got into the car you already knew what was going to happen", to which he added that he would fire her and her compatriots if recounted what happened.

In addition to two years in prison, the Provincial Court sentenced the agricultural manager to pay 6,000 euros to the victim as compensation for damages, five years of supervised release and issued a restraining order of 500 meters for seven years.

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