March 6, 2021

He played at being a cop on the roads of Florida and he stopped one of them

A 35-year-old man played police on a Miami highway and using flashes of lights stopped a car for going too fast without knowing that a real agent was going behind the wheel at the wheel.

Local media this Friday pick up the case of Barry Lee Hastings Jr., who now faces a charge of pretending to be a law enforcement officer.

The arrest of Hastings came after the incident with the police arrested Thursday on Interstate 4, in Hillsborough County (East Coast of Florida), which was not on duty and warned his colleagues of what happened.

According to the report of the Sheriff's Office of that county, the off-duty policeman was driving on the highway when a black car flashed him with lights and his driver told him to stop at the side of the road.

Hastings told him to slow down and the real policeman asked him twice to show him the badge of the order agent.

The false policeman replied that he had credentials in the office and that if he wanted to follow him to the sheriff's office to show them.

Instead, the policeman told him he was going to have problems with law enforcement and called the emergency number.

Shortly after, Hastings was stopped on the same highway and the police found in his car a siren and a flashlight game, as well as a band radio, but he did not find any weapons or handcuffs.

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