Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

“He may have screwed up, but never to the bottom”

After two decades in music, Raúl Gutiérrez (Reinosa, Cantabria 1979) has faced the circumstance of serving forty sticks. “There are those who give themselves a Harley, and I have made a song,” says Ufano this “quiet northern”, as he calls himself. “I am happy today. I know that happiness lasts only a little while, but today I am, ”proclaims the leader of La Fuga and for a few years now he has been leading Rulo and the Contrabanda. This Friday he chains three nights in a row at La Riviera de Madrid (February 14, 15 and 16) where he arrives to present his latest album, “Based on real events” (Warner), a work recorded in California with producer Thom Russo. There, at the Steakhouse Studios and The WoomRoom in Los Angeles, the album dressed in Randy Cooke’s evocative drums, Stevie Blacke’s strings and Craig Ross’s guitar.

-It is an album full of feelings and with another writing.

-In all records there is truth, and I am very transparent, but in this work there have been many things and it smells different. I sent the demos to the company already knowing there was something. Lately I feel that there is a pulse between the songwriter and the rocker inside me.

– Was the writing process different from other jobs?

-Well, there were a number of circumstances, some of them beyond any calculation or premeditation. That is why I think there are texts, letters, which are otherwise. I am in a very positive personal moment and in lifelong learning. The risk of having gone to record outside is incredible, but hey, I went with the ace in my sleeve to meet Thom Russo. He is a legend, but I told him that I was not going to make a record on Skype, I don’t care how famous he is. I wanted to go a week, touch him, see his face and have a beer with him. That their awards do not matter if we do not connect. And the truth is that it was incredible, because it generated an uncertainty, it removed my guts.

-It already has 14 albums in total. Have you become more demanding?

-A lot. I don’t care if I don’t get excited. I am the “pesao” that when a song is cool I play it in the dressing room and see the “feedback” of the band. I don’t have an environment that likes everything I do. My wife the first, I have a good review on her. And finish in Los Angeles, with Thom Russo for five months of his life … He told me nice things about my songs and I’m just a kid from Reinosa.

– And what has changed as a composer?

-Always work from the do not accommodate. The hunches work for me 95 percent of them and that’s why today I peek over cliffs that I would never have dared with 20 years. I was more conservative before, and now the risk gives you all that reward. And there is my office and my band that, far from telling me, “Be careful, you stick it”, on the contrary, they encourage me to take a risk. And that when you are in a band is difficult. You curl up more.

-What happened in the summer of 95?

-That song, I’ve noticed, doesn’t talk about a specific summer, but about several. There are flashes. Talk about the magical summers in which you train as a person. I think that nostalgia is the house brand for making songs, but not in a sad way, but with a laughing look. I am optimistic and vital. I drive my car at full speed into the future and I always believe that the best is yet to come. But I look in the mirrors and say, “Wow, it was good, very good.” Northern nostalgia is in the compositions. In Reinosa (Cantabria) it is winter all year, it is cold to shit. That marks your character and gives you melancholy.

-So it’s a song that mixes sensations and memories.

-That’s. I have turned 40, and instead of buying me a Harley or a sports car, I made that song. Well, and another self-gift, which was a party, the perfect night. We must celebrate the digit change.

-Do you never have a reproach, an adjustment of accounts?

-Never. Neither with former sentimental or musical partners, nor with friends with whom you have stopped connecting.

-And with yourself?

-Only if I hurt someone. Clint Eastwood said life was about going through it doing as little damage as possible. And if I have ever hurt, it would annoy me, but I am not aware of having done it.

– Nor about his artistic career?

-Big reproaches, no. I could have done something better, sure. But I sleep very well. The balance is positive. He may have screwed up, but never to the bottom.

-What ambitions do you have left?

-I put what I have not done and hopefully do not lose the illusion of complicating my life. That is my challenge. And grow a little artistically, because doing three Rivieras is very good, but first there has to be an artistic growth and keep learning.


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