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"He is not behaving like a serious lawyer"

Marchena abronca a Pina: “No se está comportando como un abogado serio”

The president of the court that prosecutes you procés, Manuel Marchena, and the lawyer Jordi Pina In the last few days they have played several raids on behalf of interrogation of civil guards commissioners to close the schools of the referendum on October 1. Dozens of agents have been reporting the blows suffered that day by the concentrated people who avoided their entry into the schools and the defenses are intended to undermine their testimonies.

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For this, and through their questions, they have questioned those blows and in fact have recriminated that in their medical reports there is no reference to bruises or other injuries, such as broken fingers, were produced as a result of a confrontation . Several agents have indicated that at first the doctor did not want to attend to them: "Even that is the explanation of not being picked up".

To one of the witnesses of the session this Thursday, the lawyer of the ex president of ANC Jordi Sànchez he asks for a scene in which several agents allegedly throwing a voter to the ground. "Nobody was thrown on the ground," the agent explained. "He put a person with his hands in front to talk and the acting force lashed out and that person fell to the floor and they continued the march. Can it be more precise? is that I'm seeing it, "says Pina.

Marchena, who has repeatedly called attention to lawyers for their questions, has once again rebuked Pina. "What we can do is that you testify instead of the witness. This is not serious, Mr. Pina. You usually behave like a serious lawyer but at this moment you have not behaved like a serious lawyer, "Marchena warned.

We better leave it "

"You are right but your honor ...", the lawyer answered until the magistrate interrupted him again: "That's it. As I'm right, we'll leave it and ask another question. Do not give me explanations because they may aggravate your attitude. "

The origin of clashes between court and defenders is that they have tried from the start visualize the images and videos to contradict the versions of the witnesses. However, the Chamber already warned that these images will be visualized in the documentary phase and not only those proposed by the defenses but also by the Prosecutor's Office where more global images of everything that occurred will be seen.

There have been several disagreements between Pina and Marchena due to the blows and injuries of the agents. The lawyer read a medical document in which the doctor reflected that there was no bruise where the agents reported pain. "Read on," the witness tells him. When the lawyer keeps reading, he picks up that it represents bruises in other parts of the body. "Please, do not interrogate about a document dividing it," warns Marchena.

Supreme Court

The etiology of insults

Another of the moments in which Marchena has restrained the lawyer is during the interrogation of another agent. "Is there a protocol in the Civil Guard in the preparation of reports that do not identify the etiology of the insults?" Asks Pina after reproaching to several witnesses to remember in the trial concrete insults that according to what they said the concentrates in the school and that do not appear in their reports of the facts.

"Explain what is the etiology of the insults please, you have to explain it, the court does not understand it," Marchena cuts him off. "If there is any reason why you do not put the literal insult, son of a bitch, I will kill you ...", explains Pina. "Do you believe that this witness is responsible for the methodology of the preparation of the Civil Guard reports? If you ask about this aspect, obviously your knowledge is logical that it is especially limited. As a result, he does not ask about how such reports are made if this man does not have the mission to prepare reports, "Marchena ditch.

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