December 3, 2020

“He has made a brilliant political speech, but he is late”

The second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has assumed this Wednesday the defense of the Government on the second day of the motion of censure that defends the extreme right of Vox. After the hard confrontation between the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, and the candidate of the motion, Santiago Abascal, Iglesias has taken the floor to warn both Casado and the president of Inés Arrimadas that the distance they have tried to put with the extreme right “is too late “. “The monster is devouring you,” Iglesias said.

Casado breaks with Abascal and announces his 'no' to Vox's motion of censure: "We don't want to be like you"

Casado breaks with Abascal and announces his ‘no’ to Vox’s motion of censure: “We don’t want to be like you”

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“He’s late, they can’t go out,” Iglesias insisted, especially Casado, but also Arrimadas. To both leaders, who have opposed the motion of censure and have harshly replicated Abascal’s speech on Tuesday, he has pointed out that in the European Union the respective political families of PP and Citizens are dissatisfied with his strategy.

Iglesias, who last week met with a wide representation of the ambassadors in Spain from the EU countries, pointed out that “this motion has been followed with great attention by many embassies of the EU powers. Not because of their Foreign ministries are concerned about what Abascal says, they know the extreme right, but because they know that you depend on Mr. Abascal. In Europe they know that regional governments depend on the extreme right, and that in Europe they do not like. They know that all the possibilities that you would have to bequeath to the Council of Ministers depends on Mr. Abascal and the extreme right. And that does not like in Europe. ”

“The European liberals and conservatives are not going to endorse or help them to return to the Council of Ministers because they are the gateway to the extreme right,” he insisted. “And that goes against the interests of the European powers. That is the result of stupidity in strategic decisions,” he has settled, referring to the photo of Columbus.

Iglesias has made reference to the survey published Tuesday by Metroscopia that indicates that half of right-wing voters believe that PP and Ciudadanos they should vote in favor of Abascal in the motion of censure to Sánchez. “If these data are true, you are lost, in an impasse from which you will not be able to get out and in which you have gotten yourself alone,” he snapped at Casado and Arrimadas.

“You gave the monster oxygen and now the monster is devouring you,” Iglesias concluded in this part of the speech. And he has settled: “It is impossible for them to win the battle in this field of play. You know you are trapped, it depends on Abascal to continue governing and to have some kind of possibility of governing in Spain. That is why you and Arrimadas are lost.”

A majority for a “state leadership”

The leader of Unidos Podemos has also addressed the Government’s allies, the parties “that form not only an investiture majority, not only a majority that should allow this Government to get the Budgets, but should serve to reinforce a State direction block with historical sense “.

Iglesias has appealed to the parties of the investiture bloc and to those who can add to the Budgets and who this Tuesday signed a joint manifesto to isolate the extreme right, adding 193 deputies from 10 different parties. “I think they should know how to read the historical opportunity that implies assuming at this moment for the democratic forces a State leadership that is committed to the public,” he said. The vice president has pointed out as a “lesson of the pandemic” to bet on “having a much better healthcare.” “The most beautiful flag is the uniform of health professionals,” he concluded.

The secretary general of Podemos has suggested to his potential allies that they have “the task of facing the great structural weaknesses of our State, initiating a reindustrialization process that allows limiting the shortcomings of an economic model, which was based too much on tourism and real estate bubbles” . Iglesias has opted for “betting on sustainable development, a diverse country model that is much more like Spain.” And he has finished: “Let’s seize the opportunity. This coalition government cannot do it alone, it has to count on you, honorable Members.”


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