August 5, 2021

"He has a better chance of throwing Sanchez"

"He has a better chance of throwing Sanchez"

García Egea has made these statements after the PP president, Pablo Casado, has opted to "concentrate and optimize efforts" so that the PP is the "hegemonic force" of the center-right, can get a "sufficient" majority and take to Pedro Sánchez from the Moncloa Palace. In addition, he stressed that he aspires to "bring together everything that is to the right of the PP."

In statements to the Cadena Ser collected by Europa Press, the number two of the PP has declined to refer to Vox as a party of extreme right or center. "I do not place it on the left, I do not place it in the center," stressed the 'number two' of the PP. "We are a conservative modern liberal center-right party but about Vox you will have to ask them," he added.

Although it is an option and everyone has their sympathies, García Egea said, the PP is the smartest option to get Sánchez out of La Moncloa. "Everyone can have the sympathies that they want, but at decisive moments you have to think about which party has the best chance of setting a country back that falls apart," he argued.

And, as he has argued, at this moment "the party that comes to rebuild and launch into the future a renewed right center on solid pillars" is the PP. "The people who were in Vistalegr, who believe in liberal-conservative values ​​and that there must be a strong center right, who disagree with what Sanchez, a prisoner of Iglesias, is doing. What they want is to have Sanchez out of the Moncloa and churches away from the areas where decisions are made ", has justified.


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