He enters the ICU with Covid after going on vacation to another island despite testing positive

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has reported this Monday of admission to the ICU of a person with Covid-19 that she was not vaccinated. The department headed by Blas Trujillo has reported through his Twitter account that this person, Despite being in close contact with several infected and testing positive in a diagnostic test 4 days ago, he decided to go on vacation to another island.

From Health it is recalled that “these breaches are punishable” since, Before the positive in a diagnostic test, it is necessary to keep the isolation prescribed according to the protocol.

Also, close contacts of confirmed cases must be isolated, even having been negative in PCR.

02 08 2021 19:33

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02 08 2021 15:46

The four deaths reported this Monday bring to 20 the number of deaths with covid in a week in the Canary Islands.

02 08 2021 15:15

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02 08 2021 13:54

He entered the ICU with Covid after going on vacation to another island despite testing positive. Read more

02 08 2021 13:35

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02 08 2021 13:34

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02 08 2021 13:34

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02 08 2021 07:59

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02 08 2021 07:58

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02 08 2021 07:57

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02 08 2021 07:57

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01 08 2021 15:57

34% of the population between the ages of 12 and 19 in the Canary Islands have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. Read more

01 08 2021 15:56

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0731-2021 16:00

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0731-2021 13:20

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La Palma, second island to reach 70% of immunized

The Nursing teams from the Health Area of ​​La Palma, attached to the Ministry of Health, reached during the morning of this Monday, August 2, the goal of having 70 percent of their target population immunized against COVID-19, since during the day the figure of 53,148 people residing on the Island who have received and the complete vaccination schedule.

This way, La Palma becomes the second Health Area of ​​the Canary Islands, after El Hierro, to reach 70 percent of its target population vaccinated with the doses.

Since the beginning of vaccination campaignIn La Palma, 113,366 doses of vaccines against COVID-19 have been administered and there are currently 60,870 people vaccinated with at least one dose, so the percentage of vaccination on the island’s target population is 80 percent.

The vaccination schedule it continues to develop across the different target population groups to which it is directed. In this sense, the vaccination teams in each basic health zone are advancing with each population group as the previous one ends, prioritizing continuing with the maximum coverage of each age group, without stopping the vaccination process.

The Director of the Health Area of ​​La Palma, Kilian Sánchez, and the Manager of Sanitary Services of La Palma, Mercedes Coello, are grateful for the effort, dedication and commitment of each and every one of the professionals who make it possible for each day to advance in the established calendar until the vaccination goal has been reached. They also appreciate the collaboration and response of the citizens who have come to be vaccinated, making it possible to achieve the vaccination goal set and that more than 70 percent of the population of La Palma is already protected against the coronavirus.


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