He dies when he waits two hours in the Emergency Room – La Provincia

He dies when he waits two hours in the Emergency Room - La Provincia

A 74-year-old woman died Tuesday at noon at emergencies of the Torrecárdenas hospital, in Almería, after spending two and a half hours without being attended to, as the family has reported. The Junta de Andalucía has opened an investigation to clarify the circumstances of the death.

According to La Voz de Almería, Dolores arrived at 11.30 am at hospital, on a stretcher, moved by ambulance by the staff of the residence where she was admitted, after that during the morning she had respiratory problems and that she "did not answer or react" to the people who took care of her, as her daughter Ana Almécija explained. to the local environment. The woman traveled accompanied by "a medical team", which left her in the hands of the center's professionals.

On the data that have been able to transcend until now, has specified that "the lady was evaluated, she was triaged and was waiting for a specialist to attend her", although she has declined to give more details while waiting for pronounce the professionals. "I was not there and I do not want to talk anymore without knowing what happened," he remarked.

The woman, who arrived at the hospital complex in a medical ambulance from a residence due to respiratory insufficiency, died while waiting and after passing through classification, where she was assigned "a priority level two".

The Provincial Delegation of Health has confirmed that the patient did not get to be attended by any emergency doctor.


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