He dies run over by a train while trying to rescue his dog in Malaga

Health and police personnel at the scene of the accident. / FRANCISCO JIMENEZ

The animal was trapped and its 26-year-old owner was run over by a convoy that was circulating on the road

A young man of about 26 years has died this Saturday in Ronda when he was hit by a train when he was walking his dog around the railway line.

As police sources have informed Europa Press, the events would have occurred after 9:00 p.m. on the section of road that crosses the Olivar de las Monjas, in Ronda, in a passage of the tracks that runs through the urban area.

The victim was walking with his dog when it would have been trapped on the road and, while trying to free the animal, would have ended up being run over by a circulating convoy. The events have caused a great commotion in the municipality.

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