May 14, 2021

He dies after biting a snake after she bit him – La Provincia

Human stupidity knows no bounds. Raj Kumar, the protagonist of this story, was at home when a snake slipped into his room. The snake He did not hesitate to attack in what could be his next prey, what happens is that the reaction to his attack was not expected.

The man He decided to avenge his way and responded with the same coin: biting the snake.

The boy, according to family sources, was drinking alcohol. As his father explained to the media "A snake bit him. Afterwards, he bit her and chewed her pieces".

After the attack, his family had to take Raj Kumar to the hospital to be treated, since the snake could be of a poisonous species.

The doctor continued stating that "I have attended people with snake bites, but I had never seen anyone who had bitten a snake and brought it in a bag".

According to reports, the reptile, which has already been cremated by the family, was a snake ptyas mucosa, a large species that is not normally poisonous.

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