He abused his stepdaughter daily in Tenerife

Provincial Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In addition, he took several photographs of her with a high erotic and sexual content.

EFE Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will host next week the trial against a man accused of
sexually assault and abuse of the daughter,
youngerof her partner, practically daily, and threatening her that she would not say anything because otherwise she would kill her mother and her sister, the biological daughter of the defendant.

The oral hearing will be held in the Fifth Section of the Hearing and the Prosecutor's Office requests a
30 year sentence for the crimes of sexual assault with continued carnal access, sexual abuse and corruption of minors in the form of child pornography production, since allegedly
He took several photographs of his stepdaughter with a clear erotic and sexual content.

The Prosecutor's Office's qualification document details how the narrated events took place both in Linares, Jaén, and in Los Realejos, Tenerife, where the family moved, made up of the accused, his partner, the daughter of this fruit of a previous relationship, and the girl they both had in common.

The defendant exercised "a father's role" for both his biological daughter and his stepdaughter and assumed the care and domestic tasks related to them, since his partner had working hours that forced him to spend most of the day away from home. familiar.

This circumstance was taken advantage of by the defendant to first touch his stepdaughter, and later, when they had already settled in Tenerife, to have sexual relations with her that
caused pain and bleeding to the minor.

The girl did not resist "for fear of being attacked or that the defendant would comply with his warnings and cause any harm to her mother or sister", since she habitually had "aggressive behaviors and behaviors at home that caused fear, panic and unease" to the victim, says the Prosecutor's brief.

In addition, on at least five occasions he took several half-naked photographs of the minor, exhibiting her breasts, in underwear or in provocative poses that the defendant asked her to adopt; others were close-ups of the girl's genital or anal area.

These events lasted over time, "there being few days" in which the defendant did not carry out the same; the last one, after she returned home drunk after going to a magician's ball.

Finally, the minor told what happened to her mother, who filed the corresponding complaint.

In the house search carried out, the National Police intervened four computer supports and a cell phone of the accused, and in a hard drive
found 22 photos of the minor with sexual content.

In qualifying the facts, the Prosecutor's Office applies the aggravating circumstance of kinship.

In addition to the 30 years in prison, he asks for another 30 years of supervised release, once he completes the sentence that is finally imposed, and the prohibition of approaching the victim during this period, as well as a
compensation of 18,000 euros for moral damages.

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