May 14, 2021

HBO will celebrate the tenth anniversary of “Game of Thrones” in style

Los Angeles (USA), Apr 5 (EFE) .- HBO will dedicate the month of April to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the premiere of “Game of Thrones” with a series of special products, more than 150 unreleased videos and themed marathons of chapters.

The television platform announced on Monday the initiative “El Hierro Anniversary”, which will serve as a commemoration of the first broadcast (on April 17, 2011) of the series with the most Emmy awards in history, which has become one of the greatest global phenomena of the small screen.

As of this week, the HBO Max catalog includes a new panel with more than 150 videos of interviews, filming moments and other scenes not broadcast to date, said the company, which is preparing up to five sequels of the format that will begin to see the light in 2022.

In addition, on April 10 the television channel will broadcast a marathon – called “MaraThrone” – of the first season of the series, while the cast of fiction will support ten charitable causes with the viewing of the following chapters.

Likewise, HBO has prepared six different itineraries of the episodes to see “Game of Thrones” according to different themes, from a journey through the best battles to the history of the Mother of Dragons.

Finally, the Mikkeller beer brand will launch a commemorative anniversary drink, among other special products, such as new Funko figures and an imperial egg from Fabergé jewelry.


Last week it became known that the creator of “Game of Thrones”, George RR Martin, is preparing an adaptation of the series in theatrical format for Broadway, whose premiere is estimated for 2023.

Martin has also signed a collaboration agreement with HBO for five years and an estimated value of more than 42 million euros that includes the development of several sequels to the series.

The first derivative series, “House of the Dragon”, is scheduled to premiere in 2022 with a story inspired by the book “Fire and Blood” (2018) and that delves into the history of the Targaryens.


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