Hazard, Zidane's first signing for Real Madrid

Hazard, Zidane's first signing for Real Madrid

Hazard is crazy to get to Real Madrid. He was crazy last summer and he's more anxious every day. The Belgian will be the first signing of Madrid with Zidane on the bench. According to the newspaper Marca, the agreement is already imminent.

If it was not carried out last summer, it was because Madrid did not want to make expenses and it was thought that players like Asensio and Isco were going to take responsibility for the team and they were going to take the step forward that was asked of them. It has not been like that.

While Hazard, whenever asked, has been leaving clues of what he wants to do: go to Real Madrid as. Although Chelsea can not sign this summer, their chances of retaining their star diminish.

He only has one year left on his contract, which opens the door to negotiation and allows the player to go at a lower price than his market price could be under normal conditions, with a clearly inflatable market. With Hazard that is going to be avoided.

Your signing will be fast.


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