Have you already renewed your favorite series? | TV

Have you already renewed your favorite series? | TV

Although the American open networks wait until May to present their new season - and, therefore, announce which of their programs will return with a new round of episodes - some series already know their destiny. Among those that will have a new delivery are The Simpson, renovated for two seasons (with what will arrive, at least to the 32nd), and Modern Family, although in this case his 11th delivery will be his farewell.

We review the series that have been renewed in the first weeks of 2019:

- The CW repeats with almost everything

The chain focused on the young audience has a fictional grill well-armed, with a lot of superhero, the odd remake and several classics that continue to give rents. In recent years, he usually renovates almost everything and also does it without waiting for the last moment. This time he has not made an exception and a few days ago he announced the return for the season 2019-2020 of 10 of his series: The Flash, Arrow, Riverdale, Supernatural, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, Charmed, Legacies Y Dynasty. They have only been in the air All American, Roswell, New Mexico Y The 100, why Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Y iZombie They are broadcasting their final seasons.

- CBS: novices and veterans

Another of the chains that did not want to make their fans suffer much is CBS, which has already renewed several productions. The debutants Magnum, God Friended Me, The Neighborhood Y FBI You know they will have a second installment in the next season. In addition, the channel has given comedy Mom two more seasons, which will be his seventh and eighth installments. On the other hand, Criminal minds will return for a 15th season, which will be his farewell.

- ABC: the goodbye of Modern Family

The chain owned by Disney has advanced the announcement of the return for a second season of its new drama A Million Little Things and the return of The Good Doctor with what will be his third round of chapters. But what has been most commented is the renewal of Modern Family for an 11th and final season after having accumulated 22 Emmy awards to date. Another classic of the current television that will be dismissed next year.

- NBC and Fox: more The Good Place Y The Simpson

In these two chains there are still many series to know their destiny. At the moment, only the medical drama New Amsterdam, Among the novelties, he has managed to convince enough to have an early renewal for a second installment. The comedy The Good Place He has also managed to convince those responsible for NBC and will return with a fourth installment to continue confronting his characters to moral dilemmas in the afterlife. On Fox, The Simpson They already have under their arm the longed for renewal. And they have done it twice, for their 31st and 32nd seasons. The chain has also given the green light to new deliveries of Family Guy Y Bob's Burgers with which will be their seasons number 18 and 10 respectively.

- More renovations: The Walking Dead, Sex Education, Shameless and others

Outside of the main open channels, there have also been numerous renovations in recent weeks. These are some of those that have been announced lately:

The Walking Dead, Project Blue Book, Good Trouble, Grown-ish, Sex Education, Shameless, Forced Mothers, Suits, The Magicians, The Kominsky Method, Grace and Frankie, The Great Friend, Ray Donovan, Preacher, Goliath, Sorry for Your Loss, The chilling adventures of Sabrina, Tell Me a Story, Jack Ryan ...

- Canceled or about to end:

Other series have not been so lucky and the news that has arrived on them in recent weeks have been unfavorable. Counterpart, for example, he has not finished his second season yet and he already knows that he will not be back in Starz, although the producers of the series are looking for options to continue outside the channel, possibly in some platform of streaming. Legion and Into the Badlands You already know that their respective third seasons, pending issuance, will be the last. It will also end with its next installment, the sixth, Vikings, although their managers are already working on a spin off to continue with his universe and try to inherit the thousands of fans that the series has.


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