hate crimes are rising because of the polarization of society

hate crimes are rising because of the polarization of society

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has called on Parliament to adopt the laws that are being processed against LGTBI discrimination and hate crimes that "are increasing as a result of the polarization that is taking place in our society in the social sphere. "

Sanchez has thus responded in the Plenary of Control to the Government to the deputy of ERC, Gabriel Rufián, who has asked him about the measures that the Government is going to impel to dignify and end the discriminations of the transsexual people and of the rest of the collective LGTBI.

"Let's leave aside partisan issues and join all in a broad consensus that this group needs," said Sanchez, to address in this legislature the LGBT equality law that is processed in Congress and another bill proposed by Unidos Podemos .

In the school environment, the President of the Government has said, the Government is working on the training of teachers to detect bullying of LGTBI children.

"One in three children says that there is bullying in their class, that means that there are probably many LGTBI children in the classrooms who suffer this discrimination and bullying, we are working on teacher training for the prevention and eradication of homophobic bullying ", Sánchez assured.

The President of the Government has expressed the priority for equality and the fight against all types of discrimination and highlighted the creation of the Ministry of Equality as vice president, as well as the recovery of public funding of assisted reproduction for single women and lesbians.

The deputy of ERC has read a letter in which the LGTBI collective claims to "live in a country" where there are no insults and attacks and where the "police and military do not criminalize" for the sexual condition.

"I thank you for that support," Sánchez told Rufián. "Throughout history, we have been those who have broadened liberties for minorities and above all for the LGTBI collective," the president concluded.


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