They are actors and actresses who stick to a script that occasionally requires modifications, false solutions, lies as a rule, convenient emphasis, disregard of ethics. I am simplistic, but my abomination of the political world has been with me since I have reason and reality almost never offers me reasons to modify that opinion about those who lead the lives of people, the makers of the common good, those phrases made and places common of those who abuse to cause nausea. But they never talk about their livelihood and their privileges. It is assumed that the ideological war has been declared, that its conception of the state of things is irreconcilable. They are in fierce disagreement in everything, except in raising the salary, or in using up to the scandal those black cards that gave access to the sky.

And they have been starring in an infectious movie for too long, with a pretended though shaky suspense, mortally bored, poorly written and worse interpreted, treating the viewers as mentally deficient, of endless duration but making it completely disinterested in the end. The argument is focused on the process to govern a country. It makes me tired and groans.

And what happened to interpreters of proven quality, with talent to sell you their characters, such as Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Inés Arrimadas? They look like cartoons of his old image. The ancient arsonist now tries to resemble a humiliated monk. And the others unbearably stretch the gum with slogans as hollow as silly. Pedro Sánchez has always seemed a bad actor, nothing credible, but the power has improved a little. And the embarrassed staff will continue to vote. And the blank vote will not serve to punish the shameless business.

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