Harvey Weinstein charged with new sex crimes, one against a minor

A new lawsuit filed Thursday in a New York court charges Harvey Weinstein, who is serving 23 years in prison for other rape and sexual assault cases, with four new sex crimes, one of them against a minor.

The new complaint was registered as the former film producer waits to be extradited to Los Angeles, where a second trial is pending for five other alleged crimes that, if re-convicted, could add 29 years to his sentence.

According to the registry documents, to which Efe has had access, the four plaintiffs identify themselves as Jane Doe I, II, III and IV, and include in the complaint their brother and partner Robert Weinstein as well as the Disney producers, Miramax. and Doe Corp. 1-10 for “knowing that Harvey Weinstein was prone to sexual misconduct and abuse of power.”

All four crimes allegedly occurred between 1984 and 2013, in the context of film festivals such as Cannes and Venice.

Among them, a plaintiff claims she was 17 and an aspiring actress when Weinstein invited her in 1994 to his hotel room, where he sexually assaulted and raped her.

According to the story, the ex-producer threatened her that if she ever told what had happened, she would not only ensure that she never worked on a movie, but that her employees would persecute her.

The most recent accusation dates from 2013, when a 35-year-old woman met Weinstein at the Venice Film Festival and after an audition she was forced to perform oral sex on him.

The other two allegations refer to similar situations in Cannes (France) and New York, in which Weinstein allegedly abused and raped victims after promising that he would boost their careers.

Just last week, the Los Angeles Attorney’s Office reported that the procedures to extradite Weinstein to California by another judicial process would be delayed by the coronavirus.

In Los Angeles, there are five charges brought by the Prosecutor’s Office for alleged crimes committed at the headquarters of the film industry, Hollywood, where the sex offender became one of the most powerful tycoons.

For its part, Weinstein’s sentence in New York marked a triumph for the #MeToo movement in its fight against sexual abuse and assault.

It includes 20 years in prison for a first-degree criminal sex act against production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006 and another three for the third-degree rape of aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.


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