Harvey Weinstein appeals his 23-year prison sentence for sex crimes

An image of Harvey Weinstein.

An image of Harvey Weinstein.

Film producer Harvey weinstein on Monday appealed the conviction for sexual crimes that was imposed last year in a New York court and for which He is serving a 23-year prison sentence.

Weinstein, who has always defended his innocence, argues that the trial against him was not fair, among other things, because several women who had reported alleged allegations were allowed to testify abuse despite the fact that these specific accusations were not tried in the process.

In a 166-page writing, the defense of the Hollywood producer considers that these women should not have been listened to and says that their testimonies influenced the jury, ending in a trial of Weinstein's character and not because of the alleged facts of which he was accused.

The complaints against Weinstein were the great trigger for the #MeToo movement around the world and his conviction was seen as a major victory for the fight against sexual harassment and misconduct.

The well-known producer was convicted of a first degree criminal sexual act against production assistant Mimi Haley and of third degree rape against aspiring actress Jessica Mann, crimes for which he was sentenced to 23 years in prison in March last year.

"With a year behind and with calm emotions, the transcript of the case confirms what we have always believed: that Mr. Weinstein did not receive a fair trial ", said in words collected by The Wall Street Journal Arthur Aidala, one of his lawyers.

According to Aidala, the defense is convinced that these errors will be corrected on appeal and that the case will be sent back to another judge.

During the process, Weinstein already tried unsuccessfully to have Judge James Burke changed and had advanced his intention to appeal the sentence.

On appeal, the defense also argues that the judge should have replaced a juror who had written a book on relationships between young women and "predatory" older men, which for Weinstein's lawyers made it uneven. .

Weinstein has been publicly accused of harassment and other sexual crimes by dozens of women and he is still facing several complaints before the Justice, for which he could be tried in Los Angeles, where the Prosecutor's Office has accused him of at least three alleged violations.


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