Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Hard encounter between Jorge Javier and Gianmarco's brother

The expulsion of Gianmarco in the last gala of
It has been traumatic and revealing at the same time. Revealing because they have been able to watch videos where the Italian and Adara they confessed their true feelings (being in love) and traumatic, for the tears in the farewell and the pressure that the now ex-contestant has felt when stepping on the set of Telecinco. I was waiting for him there Jorge Javier Vazquez to tell him about his relationship with the girl. But Gianmarco was reluctant to speak.

It has been one of the most tense moments of the whole evening. So much so that Gianmarco's brother, Luca, has risen from his seat to defend him and accuse the program of not respecting the expelled and of performing a "police interrogation." These words have caused the anger Jorge Javier who has been about to expel Luca from the set.

'GH VIP 7': Tension after Gianmarco's confession ... Jorge Javier threatens Luca, his brother, to expel him from the set

'GH VIP 7': Tension after Gianmarco's confession … Jorge Javier threatens Luca, his brother, to expel him from the set

The audience of Big Brother VIP I wanted to know first handWhat the Italian really felt for Adara. The videos broadcast during the gala left no room for doubt, but still, Jorge Javier wanted to hear Gianmarco say it.

For several minutes he could see the expelled totally misplaced and trying to respect Adara's relationship with Hugo. But the presenter insisted to confess that he was in love with the girl. A confession that came with a very small mouth when Adara's mother asked him directly and he said a brief "yes". Given the pressure, Gianmarco ended up collapsing causing his brother Luca to rise complaining about the deal.

“He is in shock. You cannot ask him questions now. It looks like a police interrogation”, Luca snapped as she hugged Gianmarco. “You have forced him. I can't see it that way. You can't crush me like that. Respect him. Can't you see how it is? You said you like it, what else do you have to do? I listen to you, but respect my brother, ”he continued.

Here Jorge Javier cut Luca's complaint dry and said: “I think this program has treated this relationship with extreme respect because there is a person who is suffering, who is Hugo, and Adara has just been a mother. Do you think we are treating your brother badly? To which the Italian replied: "No, but it is not right to do it now."

“So when do you want me to do it? Where we are? I am the presenter of this program and I am going to do it as I think I should do it, so sit down because otherwise I will have to expel you from the program" Luca, meanwhile, threatened to leave and Gianmarco also joined. "If he leaves I will leave too," said the expelled.

“Too bad that in your last program you act like this, very badly. The treatment you have given us I think we do not deserve”, Jorge Javier settled.

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