Hard defeat for SPAR against Perfumerías (95-62) for a happy goodbye to the season

Initial jump between Perfumerías Avenida and SPAR Gran Canaria

Initial jump between Perfumerías Avenida and SPAR Gran Canaria

The way of the SPAR Gran Canaria in the Endesa League Playoff. He succumbed to the Avenida Salamanca Perfumeries, a rival who demonstrated in the two games of the quarter-final tie the power that they treasure in their ranks and the difference in all aspects with the island team. Hard corrective the one that the yellow team lived in his second duel of the crossing when falling by 95-62, but with the one who says goodbye to a season with a huge smile on his mouth.

No one expected this team to make the postseason, just as no one expected they could get their hands on a club that has dominated the league for the past 15 years. The six Salamanca players who went above the double digits, with the Gran Canaria Leonor Rodríguez scoring 15 points and Maite Cazorla, with 12, show the economic power that exists between the two groups. Not even the land can retain Canarian talent in its ranks. Sparkle Taylor, 18 it was the best of the yellow ones.

And those differences go through reading that Domingo Diaz he can do it every week by insisting that the islands increase their defensive intensity. The experience of the historic former Sandra coach knows that one of the deficiencies of those who are now under the command of José Carlos Ramos lies in the concepts with which to close their own ring. They have a lot of offensive talent, but also a whole career ahead to improve these deficiencies.

If you have the best team in the Endesa League in front of you, with the best players in the competition, because the challenge is still great in the case of SPAR, which no longer only had the objective of winning the game against Perfumerías, but also the slab of The 19 points that the charro team won during their visit to La Paterna on Wednesday (61-80).

It is not that anywhere in the environment of the yellow team the possibility of achieving a comeback in Wurzburg that would have gone down in the annals of history. Nor is it that Íñiguez de Heredia gave the duel over, because at the conclusion of the first leg in Gran Canaria he indicated that “who thinks the tie is over, is very wrong,” arguing that his team has achieved all the titles that they look like. in their showcases thanks to “humility.”

Even so, Perfumerías was used with greater impetus than it did in the last two quarters played in La Paterna, where it came to miss a maximum advantage of 32 and left with 19 revenues from the island pavilion. So much involvement that Karlie Samuelson finished injuring himself due to hamstring problems that he had dragged on in the last month since the Cup dispute.

The misfortune came in the 11th minute, when the scoreboard already looked 31-22 for charro interests. With the match a give and take, the Englishwoman, who had been the top scorer for her team so far, put her hand on the back of her right leg and immediately realized that it had been broken. Through tears he went to the bench and Katie Lou, his sister replaced him on the court.

Everything that was not to lose more troops for Íñiguez de Heredia, together with the casualties of Tiffany Hayes and Andrea Vilaró, would be a joy with the process that they had to solve during the afternoon. The rent that Perfumerías took from the middle of the second quarter, with 44-27 in the luminous one of Wurzburg, was going to leave a placid day in Salamanca.

To all these José Carlos Ramos did not lower the intensity in his reproaches to his, a constant during the season. Perhaps exaggerated before an immensely superior team that had in front of some players who have achieved a lot of merit during the season by sneaking into a totally historic Playoff at the club and that did not pass as one of the objectives of SPAR, but rather the opposite, which was to add one more year in the Endesa League after returning this year to the top national category.

Compete with pride

At halftime, SPAR already added the same 19 against that it signed on Wednesday (54-35), everything that did not turn into a beating and was drawn more as an apprenticeship with the head high of the yellow ones would be an achievement.

Íñiguez de Heredia chose to try different variants. High quintets, bet on the quarry, with the young Inés Santibáñez adding minutes; as well as the majorera Carla Brito was able to enjoy from the third quarter.

At the end of the third quarter, with 73-44 the best option for the locals was to keep the clothes hanging and let the minutes pass without suffering any mishap. Salamanca’s rotation had just 8 players plus junior Santibáñez, having the Euroleague Final Four just around the corner (April 16).

With no other option than to end the clash with his head held high, SPAR shot with pride for at least his rival did not reach the magic figure of one hundred points at the conclusion of the match. Carla Brito finished with a distant triple to make it 95-62 and to close an unexpected season for the Gran Canaria squad.


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