Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Hard confrontation between Arrimadas and the vice-president of the Parlament, that imitates to the British speaker

Duro enfrentamiento entre Arrimadas y el vicepresidente del Parlament, que imita al speaker británico

The head of the opposition in Catalonia, Inés Arrimadas, and the vice president of the Parliament, Josep Costa (JxCat), they have had a hard confrontation this morning in the plenary session. A row that has ended with shouting and the widespread reproach of the opposition groups to Costa for his attitude.

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After the intervention of President Quim Torra to explain the changes of Govern, Arrimadas has taken advantage of his turn to speak to remember the writings of the president of the Generalitat in which he defines "tared beasts" to Spanish speakers. This mention has provoked the early reaction of Costa, who at that time was acting as president of the Parlament due to the momentary absence of Roger Torrent. "I remind you that you have to respect the agreements of the Chamber and treat the rest of the deputies with respect," said the deputy of JxCat.

This admonition has surprised Arrimadas, who has denied that she was disrespecting anyone. "I am remembering some words that Torra has left in writing and that have been described as xenophobic writings by the European Parliament, will you not let me speak? What is this? ", Complained the leader of Cs in Catalonia. "You have spoken badly of the president, Torra has never said that as president of the Generalitat," Costa insisted.

The conversation has been rising and the deputies of both groups have begun to protest. Before this moment of tension in the plenary session, Costa has been inspired by the popular Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow and has shouted a blunt: order !. Few are the deputies who have listened to him. Arrimadas has protested and José María Espejo-Saavedra, also a member of the Mesa and deputy of Cs, has faced Costa, whom he has seated next to: "and I call you to order!".

Finally, Arrimadas was able to finish his speech, in which he criticized the profile of the new councilors who will replace Laura Borràs and Elsa Artadi. The president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, had been absent from the plenary session due to an indisposition. In fact, he was being treated in the medical office of the Chamber when he was warned about the problem between Costa, Arrimadas and Espejo-Saavedra in the Chamber. Despite his persistent dizziness and have a way in the arm, Torrent has decided to return to his position in the Presidency of the Board to redirect the debate and calm the spirits.

Catalonia in Comú, the PSC and the PP have afflicted Costa his attitude and have regretted that he has admonished Arrimadas "unfairly", because the leader of Cs, despite his forcefulness, "has not insulted" anyone directly. Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, has accused Costa of "censorship."

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