Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Hard Brexit | Economy | THE COUNTRY

Hard Brexit | Economy | THE COUNTRY

The British decided to leave the European Union in June 20186. The referendum endorses, but as has been shown, there was no plan to leave. Therefore, David Cameron raised a plebiscite, lost it, resigned and left the United Kingdom without Government. Theresa May campaigned by warning the British that Brexit would have negative consequences for their lives. Then she had to lead the negotiation of the Brexit with Brussels without her even believing what she was defending. His first trip was to India and to Pakistan and he proposed them to resurrect the Commonwealth. The Indians and the Pakistanis told him that his interest now is Asia and that they do not need the United Kingdom at all. The next trip was to Washington, where Donald Trump humiliated her publicly, showing total contempt for her transatlantic relationship.

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The British elite woke up from their reverie. For decades they had delegated to Brussels diplomacy the relationship with the rest of the countries and discovered how complicated the current world is, being a small country of 66 million inhabitants that only accounts for 2% of world GDP, half of it in 1980 and double that in 2050. The strategy was to do nothing and force the train crash. Brussels has not given way, the collision is near and London has no plan.

Many Britons voted to leave the European Union convinced that they would live better and still believe it. And many others have cognitive dissonance. They thought that the Brexit would be a disaster but they need to work and a salary to feed their children. Psychologists teach us that in these extreme dilemmas the human brain prioritizes survival and ideas and values ​​are changed. The rational thing would be that this Government or another new one would tell its society the truth, take advantage of the extension that they will request and minimize the consequences of the collision.

But that would be a political suicide and the extension seems like a kick to follow, so it is likely that the train crash will end up producing. That would cause chaos at airports with planes that could not take off, trucks with food trapped in the ports waiting to pass through customs and police again the booths on the border of Northern Ireland with Ireland and long lines to cross. Then many Britons will wake up from their dream and hope that there is intelligent life to negotiate an agreement.


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