Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Hard brawl between Belén Ro and María Patiño: 'You are a fascist!'

The discussion starring Antonio David Flores and Alba Carrillo in
has resulted in another parallel in save me when Bethlehem Ro has branded Maria Patiño from "fascist" The presenter's reaction of
has resulted in a cross of accusations, and even in the momentary abandonment of the latter of the set of Telecinco

For Patiño, Rodriguez was not really criticizing the attitude of the two contestants of Big Brother Vip but it was something more personal. “I love to argue, but I don't miss anyone”, said Maria very angry while making fuss.

"This way we cant work"

"The contest isn't being talked about here, you are talking about friendships and so you can't work… Ask yourself what is wrong with you … I don't like your attitudes, not opinions, ”María Patiño said to her companion Save me. Belén Rodríguez has made it clear that “I have the same right to attack Antonio David as they do to defend him. If I am talking about Antonio David, they have no arguments. The easiest thing is to throw against me: take out the Mosquera. ”

And he continued: "Fascism is no insult." In addition, Belén said that "María Patiño is a fascist, who does not support any opinion different from her." The collaborator's face said it all.

This has been when Patiño has risen from his seat and has left the set visibly affected. "She replicates any opinion of others, so I don't want to work." Following this discussion, Paz Padilla, Kiko Hernández have risen to bring peace to the monumental anger that was taking place.

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