July 26, 2021

Hard blow from CAS to Dpor, to go to ordinary justice if there is no league of 24 – La Provincia

He Sports you stay with foot and a half in Second B after the resolution of Administrative Court of Sports, favorable to The league, according to which the competence to decide on the responsibilities of Fuenlabrada corresponds to the social discipline judge of LaLiga, who has already filed the case, and not to the Competition Committee of the Real spanish soccer federation, whose examining judge proposed a penalty of 15,001 euros and the administrative decline of the Madrid club for the health and competitive consequences of his trip to A Coruña for the match on July 20. That means This federative file is without effect. Therefore, the Fuenlabrada He will continue in Second and Dépor will not occupy his place, which in theory would correspond to him if that fall of Madrid’s offices were consummated.

The CAS agreed that “the jurisdiction to hear the facts consisting of the actions of CF Fuenlabrada SAD in its travel to La Coruña in accordance with the Protocol of action back to competition of May 15, 2020, as a result of the detection of cases positive of Covid-19 of several players of the aforementioned club, corresponds to the Professional Soccer League “.” This resolution is final in administrative proceedings, and a contentious-administrative appeal may be filed against it before the Central Court of Contentious-Administrative, based in Madrid , within two months of notification, “adds the CAS, attached to the CSD.

The Coruña club is slope of the three-way summit this afternoon (5:00 p.m.) at the headquarters of the Superior Council of sports, where the Federation will defend his thesis to expand to 24 the number of participants in Second to accommodate Dépor and Numantia, a solution that LaLiga categorically rules out. If that meeting does not result in a Second Division with Deportivo among its members, the A Coruña club will immediately go to the ordinary courts to request precautionary measures that paralyze the calendar draw and the start of the 2020-21 campaign.

38 days after the postponement of Dépor-Fuenlabrada, initially set for July 20, the CSD will finally mediate to try to solve, among other issues, the chaos generated after the breaking of the unified schedule planned for the last day and the adulteration of the competition derived from that wrong decision. Your president, Irene Lozano, will sit at the same table representatives of the Federation and LaLiga with the aim of unlocking their positions radically confronted over the composition of the calendar and its draw, which the employer threatened to carry out behind the RFEF’s back. The president hopes to reach an “agreement between the two parties”, as announced in her letter sent to both organizations on Tuesday, but “nevertheless, the CSD will guarantee that at the end of that meeting a calendar file will be available.”

Lozano will not attend the momentous appointment, who continues to work, according to CSD sources, but prefers that he be the general director of Sports of the Council, Joaquin de Arístegui, the one who presides over it. The CSD itself issued a statement yesterday to defend the independence and honor of De Arístegui, and to state that “she does not incur any type of incompatibility or conflict of interest” in relation to the work of her son Alonso in LaLiga.

Neither will be Luis Rubiales, in his case for prudence, due to the electoral process for the presidency of the RFEF. The federative representative will be its general secretary, Andreu Camps, the same one who signed the proposal of 24 teams in Second as a solution, with Dépor and Numancia, which was sent to LaLiga and rejected by it outright. This afternoon he will defend that same thesis face to face before the leaders of the Higher Sports Council and LaLiga. If there is no agreement, the CSD has the last word.


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