Harassment for not speaking in Spanish to a patient - La Provincia

At video it looks like a radical group Sovereignty asked for explanations from the director of a medical center after the complaint of a patient, who felt humiliated when a doctor He addressed his disabled daughter in Spanish. The paradox of this situation is that it can be reported with an image because part of the harassment was the recording itself. The video shows that the head of the health center can do little to deal with the harassment.

To the minus nine people surround him acting as a sort of independence authority, demanding explanations and abronciendo, arguing that "This is a damn colony. Here come doctors with the spirit of the colonizer to belittle." The situation becomes an interrogation. "Has the person in question already been thrown out?" Asks one of the stalkers, to which the doctor replies: "No, not at all, just missing." The reproaches rise in tone when the group leader says raising his voice that "we Catalans are very generous."

"Let them speak in Spanish, but humiliate us in our house ... This is not going to be repeated here!"he exclaims. The center worker defends himself with these words:"You, with all due respect, are becoming a court"To which they respond with a mocking tone:"Of the Inquisition, court of the Inquisition"Whoever threatens, shouts, harasses and captains the group is an acquaintance of Justice. The businessman Santiago Espot. In 2017 he was charged, convicted and subsequently acquitted for organizing the whistle to the national anthem at the end of the Copa del Rey 2015.


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