Happy day of your death 2: Rejoicing looting of ideas | Culture

Happy day of your death 2: Rejoicing looting of ideas | Culture

Too many times the degree of transcendence and greatness that a film has reached could be measured by the amount of imitators it causes. But there, at least, there are good ones.


Address: Christopher Landon.

Interpreters: Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Rachel Matthews.

Gender: comedy. USA, 2019.

Duration: 100 minutes

Among the photocopier court of the historic idea of Caught in time, Christopher Landon, director of the effervescent Happy day of your death (2017), at least he has demonstrated enough ingenuity within his evident emulation, and above all he has displayed a disdainful sense of humor. And even more in this second installment that opens today: Happy day of your death 2. Of course, through another looting: this time the Return to the future II, as they admit their own characters in one of the dialogues of the story.

At this point critics may have problems when it comes to adjusting what could be defined as copy, recycling, referent, postmodernity symptom, metalanguage note, fictional kaleidoscope, rewriting or armed key robbery, but with this second installment of the that started as a product of referential terror out of school Scream, and that now it is pure self-referential comedy, maybe we should keep the simple divertimento, which is not little. Of course, this chronicler, who had not seen the first until the previous afternoon to enjoy the second, doubts whether potential viewers of the present who have not seen the original will be able to get all the comic juice.

Landon, this time a solo screenwriter, again proposes an artifact of continuous narrative revolts to the same issue, the death of a young university student who relives her murder again and again until she behaves with her peers with a superior ethic, but with less redundancy that in the first installment and with a good carousel of physical and verbal gags of youthful youthful spirit on the concatenation of cause and effect and the scientific maxim of trial and error. And with an actress of wonderful clown spirit: Jessica Rothe.


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