August 8, 2020

Hans H., the penultimate assassin of Mauthausen

Between the summer of 1944 and the spring of 1945, Hans H. dispensed with his conscience. At a time when he had to trust in civilization, he chose barbarism. When he started working in the concentration camp of Mauthausen, in Austria, as a member of the SS 16th Assault Company, he confirmed what we all know today, that the Third Reich rewrote the Right to leave millions of people without rights . For some years, the Berlin Prosecutor's Office has been demonstrating that there are behaviors that do not prescribe over the years and that History does not exist to forget, but to remember and do justice. That feast of dehumanization that brought Nazism, made many men consider their actions were exempt from responsibility and they would never pay for their conduct before any court, because, basically, they argued, they did their duty, which pushed hundreds of people to forget the most elementary moral and ethical codes and convinced them to happily participate in that industrialization of death that were the Nazi concentration camps, crimes that Europe, despite the different political and values ​​crises for which he goes through, he has not yet allowed them to fall into the trunk of forgetfulness. Hans H., who is now 95 years old, an age that he did not allow many of the people he was guarding, has been charged with complicity in the death of 36,000 inmates in Mauthausen, an overwhelming number that makes us wonder what kind of nature are coined some types. Hannah Arendt spoke of the trivialization of evil when referring to the inability of the individual to discern good from evil. What many find difficult to assume is that the irruption of a single fanaticism, the emergence of a perverse ideology, is enough to erase with a stroke of the pen the varnish left by centuries of evolution. And here we have a guy in charge of monitoring prisoners and applying the law of escape (which allowed him to shoot to kill) and now will account for what he did in the Land of men, not the Kingdom of Heaven , which is where it belongs first, that death will already extradite him to wherever he corresponds. And to those who think that he is just an old man, to meditate on the mercy that, in his time, he had with others. That, although the trial prospers and in the end go to the train, should not complain. Democracy is not Nazism and a condemnation is not the same as a barracks in Mauthausen.


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